Abbreviated Pundit Round-up

This is one of those weeks when I have to pull out the “Sunday editorials were often written earlier in the week” sign. This week, the subject that dominates the Sunday editorial page is the Wednesday shooting at the congressional baseball practice.

I’m not trying to suggest the topic isn’t important. The shooting itself was horrible, though not more horrible than the seven other mass shootings that happened last week. In fact, the ballpark shooting was still the only topic on the news, even as gunman of the disgruntled employee variety was killing four and wounding two at a UPS facility in San Francisco.

So sure. If the aftermath of those terrible moments at the ballpark is that it finally moves America from square one, that’s good. If we stop pretending that one amendment isn’t subject to the sort of curbs and limits that are placed on little things like speech, assembly

religion, that’s good. If we decided that maybe next week shouldn’t be graced by eight mass shootings … that would be really good.

It’s just that, in the compressed timeline of TrumpLand, where every day seems to bring a fresh outrage, and every evening provides jaw-dropping revelations, Wednesday morning seems like a month ago.

Please, Donald Trump, can you crazy more slowly? You’re 70 years old. Take it easy. Breathe. Give us a chance to properly deal with one simplistic lie or juvenile insult at a time. That way maybe every issue can get the scrutiny it deserves.

Unless, of course, that issue is the health care of the nation, which is being rewritten under a rock.

Come on in, let’s pundit.

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