The state of my dangerous liberal rhetoric will remain strong and loud

A tragedy occurred this week, even though as I type this there were no fatal casualties other than the shooter himself, it needs to be noted that the Alexandria attack on Congressional Republicans was a tragedy by any means or measurement. I can say without hesitation or reservation that we all hope the  best for those who were injured and wounded in this incident.  That’s not even a question.

But it also should be noted that there is very good reason to look askance at the new found desire from Republicans for a “pause” on extreme and harsh political rhetoric in reaction to this event.  They argue that the blame for this shooting lies with the “Hate” that is being fostered by Liberals for conservatives.  They say that the source of the problem is that Liberals just won’t shut up and leave our poor, poor snowflake conservative congress critters alone.

for one am here to tell you I have absolutely no intention of doing that, and I have plenty of reasons why not.

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