Why Europeans can’t stand Donald Trump

Depending on which story is being floated, Donald Trump either is or isn’t canceling his planned trip to the United Kingdom, reportedly set for next fall. But whether Air Force One lands at Heathrow or not, the U.S. president would be greeted with the equivalent of a giant British raspberry. And we’re not talking about the kind served in a clotted cream cake at Wimbledon.

Why do Europeans have such a low opinion of our chief executive? Maybe it’s because he’s such a wanker, as many are only too happy to point out.

A recent piece in Politico Magazine spells out some of the serious reasons.

Three months into his presidency, the rest of Europe is still deeply unsettled over this new president unlike any other, confused about whether he’s a dangerous ideologue or merely dangerously ignorant—and desperately seeking ways to stop him from pursuing the foreign policy of

and European Union-bashing he promised on the campaign trail. …

“Donald Trump is probably one of the least popular American presidents on this side of the Atlantic for a very long time,” says [former Swedish Prime Minister Carl] Bildt, a card-carrying member of Europe’s political class and charter member of the security institutions that have shaped its post-Cold War order.

Do Europeans dislike Trump even more than George W. Bush, I ask, recalling the hostile days after the 2003 invasion of Iraq that most Europeans opposed and which keeps Bush from visiting the continent to this day?

Yes, Bildt tells me. Trump’s “brutal” and “vulgar” campaigning, his disdain for the facts, his lack of “civility,” are much worse than the policy disputes of the Bush era; they’ve already “caused a gulf to open up between us.”

And that’s just the beginning.

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