Trump’s poll numbers don’t make me happy. They make me mad.

Considering he’s a new president, a historically large percentage of the American people think Donald Trump sucks at his job. That’s what his approval ratings make clear. In fact, neither Barack Obama nor Bill Clinton (nor Ronald Reagan for that matter) were ever as unpopular over their eight years as Trump is now, and it’s still the spring of his first. Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford’s numbers never got this low either, yet both of them got bounced after one term. Buyer’s remorse? This is more like buyer’s vomit-stained hangover.


While it’s easy to chuckle at this clever crocodile graphic, I can honestly say that the primary emotion I have about popular vote loser Trump’s unpopularity is anger. Why? Because I’m angry at the people who voted to put this man in

White House, and yet now disapprove of the job he’s doing. What kind of president, exactly, did they think they were voting for last November?

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