Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Aftermath of a divisive period in America life

Nelba L. Márquez-Greene/WaPo, one of the Newtown moms, on Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones:

There is a special insult in Jones’s segment being aired on Kelly’s program on Father’s Day. The grief of fathers is often ignored. In Newtown and across the country, bereaved fathers often grieve the loss of their loved ones without any support. On a weekend that honors dads, showcasing Jones — a man who has denied that our children were murdered — shows a breathtaking lack of sensitivity.

Kelly’s rationale for airing the interview is to “shine a light” on conspiracy theorists. I would argue that we can shine a light on better things. We can shine a light on brave communities that have to reorganize after tragedy. We can shine a light on grief and the solutions needed to fix some of our problems. We can do better than shining a

on someone willing to make money in a way that causes harm to so many.

As Americans, we will always be curious and courageous in seeking truth. But when this search for truth becomes an exploitative venture to stir up controversy for ratings and financial gain, and here I’m talking about NBC, we must recognize the consequences.

The piece aired last night. I didn’t watch. Enjoy the backlash, NBC, for your decision to put ratings above human decency.



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