Democrats flying blind in opposing Trumpcare while the traditional media yawns

The longer Mitch McConnell can keep his Trumpcare bill a black hole, the less opportunity the opposition—from House maniacs to fellow Republican senators to myriad advocacy groups against it—has to turn the public against its provisions. That’s what McConnell is absolutely counting on, making the fight for Democrats a much harder one. They have to fight the process McConnell is using instead of being able to point to the real harm that the bill will cause, since it’s as yet undefined. That makes it much harder to get the traditional media to pay attention:

“If you’re a voter sitting at home looking at your newspaper’s front page, it’s possible to have no idea the ‘Trumpcare’ train is barreling down the tracks at you,” Ben Wikler, Washington director of MoveOn, told NBC News in an interview.
MoveOn and a variety of other grassroots groups are warning members that a bill is imminent

sounding the alarm with events, petitions and phone calls to senators. Democrats have been giving floor speeches, holding town halls, and tweeting all week about the expected legislation. But some are expressing frustration that their message is getting lost in the noise.

“Think of every Trump tweet as an attempt to get the media to not cover the destruction of the Affordable Care Act,” Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) told reporters at a press conference highlighting the House bill’s impact on opioid treatment on Thursday. “That’s what’s going on.” […]

“When people ask me a question about Russia, I say, ‘I’m happy to talk to you about it, but you’re going to have to listen to me talk about the health care challenge ahead,’” Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) said.

Trying to make the media pay attention is about all Democrats can do at this point, other than leaning on those Republican colleagues who continue to complain about the process while they continue to let McConnell get away with destroying the Senate as a legislative body, much less a representative one.

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