Border Patrol detains two dairy workers driving home from immigrant rights march

Border Patrol agents detained Yesenia Hernández and Esau Peche, two Vermont immigrants who were leaving a 13-mile Migrant Justice march demanding better working conditions for dairy workers:

Both Hernandez and Peche are actively involved with Migrant Justice, a group that advocates for undocumented farm workers in the state.  Peche has been in Vermont about seven years, and Hernandez for about two years.

Brant says U.S. Border Patrol was unaware that the individuals had previously protested at an activist march earlier on Saturday.

More than one hundred activists and supporters marched 13 miles from the state capital to the ice cream factory to demand better wages and working conditions for dairy workers.

Many of the same protestors showed up Monday morning at a rally outside the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility where Yesenia Hernández is being held.

A Border Patrol spokesperson claimed that “the behavior, the way the car was being driven”

immigration agents reasonable suspicion to stop their car. “I can’t tell you the specifics on how the reasonable suspicion of illegal alienage was developed,” the spokesperson continued, “but they were on a road that approaches the international border in the area of East Franklin.”

Or maybe this is just another case of driving while brown?

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