Spicer’s no-audio briefings totally ‘useless’ as White House full on stonewalls the press

White House press secretary Sean Spicer gave a telling off-camera, no-audio briefing Monday that was remarkable for, well, how entirely useless it was, as CNN’s Jim Acosta put it.

In fact, Acosta said of Spicey Monday that he’s gotten to a point where “he’s just kind of useless.”

Now, you’re likely thinking: How could Spicey be any more “useless” than he already is? Well, first of all, by cutting off all audio/video recordings, the White House is now taking away one tool the media uses to represent how the administration is thinking or responding or even not responding to any given issue. As Acosta noted of Spicer:

“If he can’t come out and answer the questions and they’re just not gonna do this on-camera or audio—why are we even having these briefings or these gaggles in the first place?”

In fact, without video or audio today, Spicey just plain abandoned any inkling that

was actually trying to answer questions.

No word on climate change, for instance …


Ok, how about health care, the linchpin of the GOP’s agenda? 

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