Democrats in hour five of Trumpcare talk-a-thon with message to GOP: ‘You’re breaking the Senate’

Senate Democrats are moving into hour five of their talk-a-thon against Trumpcare and against the deeply undemocratic process Mitch McConnell is following to ram it through. From the Senate floor, on Facebook, and on Twitter with the hashtag #HoldTheFloor, Democratic senators continue to rally the grassroots to fight this bill.

This is the longest discussion you’re likely to see on Trumpcare from the Senate, and it’s being conducted by Democrats who have been utterly shut out of the process of crafting this thing. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) demanded better. “Why are my constituents not allowed to see the details of what’s about to happen to their lives,” he asked. 



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My constituents, even though they’re

by Democrats, have no less rights than the citizens of Iowa or the citizens of Texas who are represented by Republicans. Why are my constituents not allowed to see the details of what’s about to happen to their lives? Why are only a select group of Americans able to have a voice inside that room? Why are the people of Connecticut going to get like three minutes to look at this bill once it hits the senate floor? My constituents are Americans just like the constituents in Republican states are Americans.They deserve to know what’s about to happen to them. You’re breaking the Senate. And it won’t get put back together that easily. 

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