Abbreviated pundit roundup: Special election in Georgia, Trump team’s spin, media blackout and more

We begin today’s roundup with analysis of today’s special election in Georgia from Patricia Murphy at The Daily Beast:

Democratic activists have worked tirelessly to make the race a referendum on Trump, who won the solidly Republican district by just a single point in November. Although he made important gains among white, working-class voters, the highly educated, suburban Sixth is just the sort of place where Trump showed the greatest weakness across the country. If any territory will prove fertile ground for Democrats looking to pick up House seats with anti-Trump sentiments, both parties know GA-6 fits the mold. 

Elena Schneider at Politico outlines what to watch out for in today’s election:

Early voting soared ahead of Election Day, with more than 140,000 voters casting their ballots early, some before embarking on summer vacations. Total turnout in the April primary topped 192,000, and 2014 midterm levels (about 210,000 voters)

not far beyond. […]

Trump won the district by under 2 points in November, and he is no more popular there now. That is the single biggest factor that made this race a nationally watched battleground, and Democrats are hoping the same backlash in affluent suburbs will help them in districts from California to Virginia next year.


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