State election officials aren’t getting the answers they need on Russian hacking and 2018

There were multiple Russian efforts not just to spread disinformation to influence the outcome of November’s U.S. elections but to hack into voter registration systems. That’s something that could reasonably concern state election officials … and it sounds like they’re not getting what they need to allay those concerns:

But both Republican and Democratic Secretaries of State, who are responsible for carrying out elections in many states, said they have been frustrated in recent months by a lack of information from federal intelligence officials on allegations of Russian meddling with the vote. They say that despite the best efforts by federal officials, it may be too late in to make substantive changes.

“I’m doubtful,” said Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap, a Democrat. “We shouldn’t feel like we’ve been tied to a chair and blindfolded … It’s very hard to help further instill public confidence that you know what you’re doing if

don’t have any information.”

The conference in Indianapolis, which began Friday, is being attended by officials from 37 states. The FBI and Homeland Security attempted to allay fears by holding a series of closed-door meetings Saturday on voting security.

There are more elections coming up in 2018. And 2020. It would be awfully nice if we knew that all levels of government were treating the possibility of further Russian hacking and interference as the emergency it is—as a threat to our democracy. But Donald Trump is far more concerned with trying to convince people that millions of illegal voters stole a popular vote win from him.

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