Republican senators dismiss news Trump campaign directly sought collusion with Russian government

You were probably wondering if there was any circumstance whatsoever in which Republican lawmakers and party leaders would, at long last, begin abandoning the nastiness of Donald Trump and those he has surrounded himself with. You were probably wondering if Republican lawmakers, who blocked the public from hearing more forceful warnings about Russian efforts to alter the outcome of the United States presidential election, would at any point give up their continued efforts to block the public from learning the full story of those efforts.

You were probably wondering if there was any decency left in the Republican Party, or among Republican senators. There is not.


That would be the response of Sen. Thom Tillis to the revelations this

that top members of the Trump presidential campaign team were directly informed that the Russian government wanted to assist them in winning the election over their Democratic opponent—and eagerly took that meeting.

Sen. Tillis remains unconcerned, believing now-proven efforts to collude with a foreign power to be less important than Republican tax-cutting efforts. Sen. Orrin Hatch, the longest-serving Republican senator currently in office, is of similar mind.


To be clear, the email chain links not just the chairman of the Trump presidential campaign but current White House administration everyman Jared Kushner himself, directly, to knowledge of Russian government efforts to assist Trump in winning the election. Kushner and the others kept this secret even as Russian hacks of their Democratic opponents were distributed on WikiLeaks.

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