Trump White House prepares visual aides for press briefing in which cameras are barred

The White House continues to bar television cameras from their press briefings because Donald Trump gets too agitated when he watches them. Why the White House is now bringing visual aides to those no-cameras-allowed briefings, however, is a mystery.



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That’s AP reporter Jonathan Lemire, bringing us an impromptu snap of what the White House demands the American public be … barred from seeing. And it didn’t end there: While Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Epstein took a few stills herself during the briefing before apparently deleting them, the White House presentation on, ahem, “MAGAnomics” also featured, she says, “stacks of federal registers from Obama & Trump admins. Would have been more effective for WH on video.”

Alas, however, we may never know what “MAGAnomics” is intended to mean. Making America Great-nomics appears to mean

to some expense to print out visual aides for presentations you then bar the national press from showing. It appears to involve copious amount of lying: Indeed, “MAGAnomics” may be like Bitcoin, but for lying. Or perhaps “MAGAnomics” is about accepting the numbers when they are good, and dismissing the numbers when they are bad. Or perhaps it is the principle of not giving a damn about actual economic conditions, but simply announcing that the economy is whatever the pretzeldent says it is at any given moment. It is a conundrum.

Whatever it is, it probably involves tax cuts for the rich. Creating posterboards that you then bar America from looking at has got to be expensive, but we can probably get by if we give less food to poor children. “MAGAnomics” suggests children do not need as much food as the experts have been supposing.

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