Bad news for Nevada Republican Dean Heller and good news for Democrats in new poll

Sen. Dean Heller cannot be having a good day. A new poll shows the Nevada Republican in serious trouble as he heads for his 2018 re-election bid. Public Policy Polling has zero good news for Heller, and some very good news for Democrats looking to unseat him.

  • Heller’s job performance approval is just 22 percent, with 55 percent disapproving.
  • Heller trails a generic Democratic opponent, 31 percent to 50 percent.
  • The poll was taken July 26 to 27, just before Heller voted (again) for Republican healthcare repeal plans. Asked if they approved or disapproved of “the Senate Republicans’ health care repeal and replace plan that is currently being debated, 54 percent of people said they disapproved. Again, and it can’t be emphasized enough, Heller voted for that plan.

To recap: Nevada voters don’t approve of the job Dean Heller is doing in Washington. They didn’t approve of it before

went to the mat for a healthcare repeal bill they also don’t approve of. And if the election were held today, his Democratic opponent would take 50 percent of the vote to Heller’s 31 percent.

Heller is beatable, but he will benefit from a lot of Republican dark money between now and Election Day 2018, which is why it’s so important to mount a strong Democratic campaign against him. Can you give $3 to help unseat Dean Heller and each of Daily Kos’ other 2018 Senate targets?

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