Trump is not going to let Trumpcare go

It is now August. The House of Representatives got the hell out of town last week. Senate leadership is rushing to the doors. And popular vote loser Donald Trump is still having his Trumpcare tantrum.

While Republicans in the Senate have announced plans for bipartisan hearings on health care beginning when Congress returns to work after Labor Day, the White House is making clear that President Donald Trump continues to look for more immediate answers on a GOP health care bill that would involve getting only a majority of Republican votes in the Senate, as he meets Wednesday afternoon with one key GOP lawmaker, Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio. […]
Portman has made clear to reporters in recent days that while last week’s defeat of the GOP ‘skinny’ bill was a setback, he’s not ready to give up on the GOP figuring out how to get to 50 votes in

Senate. […]

“We’re continuing to try to push a new healthcare system,” incoming White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters on Tuesday. “We know that Obamacare is failing. We know that inaction is simply not okay.”

This is why we can never stop fighting. At least they’re making it easy by failing so frequently. Every time they try to take away our healthcare, they screw it up and then have to come home and get yelled at. So that’s good.

Ohio, Portman will be there in a day or two. Be sure to be there to greet him.

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