Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: A tale of three tweets

Trump has changed the picture on his Twitter account to one that shows him chairing a meeting of FEMA in anticipation of hurricane season—just to add that extra frisson of horror you didn’t know you were missing. But rather than writing at length his morning, here’s a tale in the space of three tweets.




Look, it’s not as if I want Donald Trump to be in Washington. So what if he’s spent 53 days vacationing at tax

expense in his first six months? Honestly, that’s the best thing Trump has done. We’d all be happier if Donald Trump had spent six months of his first six months playing golf. Happier still if he would spend the next three and a half, or two and a half or however long it takes the investigation, grand jury, pardon process to play out. A sensible America would make sure there’s never a bad tee time for Donald Trump. A sensible America would have an extra-wide cart fueled up and waiting at his bedside. A sensible America would have a Department of Gee Sir I Think There’s Time for Another 18.

I know this doesn’t make us perfectly safe. Trump did find a way launch cruise missiles while sharing some super delicious chocolate cake and baring the details of military decision making to a few hundred of his very close $400,000 a seat friends. But no plan is perfect.

Now, let’s go read some pundits.

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