Justice Department refuses to confirm or deny if Donald Trump was ever a target in Russia probe

Remember back in the day when Donald Trump repeatedly claimed that former FBI Director James Comey told him that he was absolutely, positively never a “target or a subject” of the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election? So, about that:

The Justice Department is refusing to confirm whether President Donald Trump was or was not ever a target or subject of the ongoing probe […]

“Please be advised that this Office can neither confirm nor deny the existence of any records responsive to your request,” wrote Daniel Castellano, a senior attorney in Justice’s Office of Information Policy.

Well, sure. Except, as pointed out by one of the attorney’s requesting the information via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit:

“The government’s response makes a mockery of the president’s repeated denials that he is under investigation. Is the government suggesting that the president doesn’t speak for the

Branch over which he presides?” Moss said. “The Government is apparently going to try and claim that the president’s past official statements are of no particular consequence … What credibility can they afford to the official statements of the President of the United States when his own Justice Department says that they aren’t actually legitimate or necessarily accurate?”

Naturally the White House lawyer had no comment.

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