Women boycott Twitter after Rose McGowan is silenced for speaking out against Harvey Weinstein

For the last week, Hollywood and the movie industry has been rocked by the sexual harassment scandal surrounding producer Harvey Weinstein. While it seems as if his predatory behavior was pretty much an open secret, the fact that he has just now been fired from his own company after decades of allegations is a clear sign that the industry has serious work to do. However, the women who have spoken out have been met with a variety of responses—ranging from skepticism to outright hostility. And some of them have been silenced from sharing their stories altogether. Actress Rose McGowan is one of them. She was blocked on Twitter after sharing her story of harassment by Weinstein. 

Actress Rose McGowan has been temporarily blocked from Twitter after denouncing the film producer Harvey Weinstein and his collaborators. Reports by The New York Times and the New Yorker published over

last week allege that Weinstein raped three women and sexually assaulted and harassed numerous others, using his influence in the industry to threaten and silence his victims. The Times reported that McGowan herself reached a settlement with Weinstein over undisclosed claims in 1997.

McGowan wrote a series of tweets which called out actors such as Matt Damon and Ben Affleck that she says knew about Weinstein’s abusive behavior but remained silent about it. Though it’s not completely clear why she was blocked, Twitter claims that she “violated the Twitter Rules” and would need to delete certain tweets before the suspension would be lifted.”


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