We now know that America is truly a racist nation

We now know that America is truly a racist nation.

The question is: What can we do about it?

It really can’t be denied anymore that America is rife with racism, even though there are a great many people deeply invested in the argument that all of America’s racism is in the past. When Barack Obama became president, many said that we had reached a “post-racial” age where the sins and recriminations of the past were now behind us, where now that one African-American man had managed to ascend to the most powerful position in the world, there were no longer any excuses or significant barriers to personal prosperity for all. Other than one’s own weakness of will and poor choices, there was no reason to complain, no reason to strive to improve ourselves as a nation, and no changes that need to be made.

Everything was fine—or so we were told.

Yet less than one year

the next administration we’ve had a race riot led by neo-Nazis and neo-Confederates take over an major American city, which injured dozens and killed activist Heather Heyer. Since the election there have been plenty of additional examples which show the racial animosity in America is growing, not receding. It’s not just that these bigots did what they did in Charlottesville, it’s that it largely happened because the police stood down and let it happen, instead of keeping opposing protestors away from each other. It’s not just that we have a few racists here and there: it’s that we seem completely unable to develop any effective strategies for identifying them, for opposing them, and for minimizing their influence and impact. Consequently, our racism issues are getting worse—and that seems, frankly, to be happening by design.

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