Roy Moore: Marriage equality is worse than slavery and fighting climate change is a ‘radical agenda’

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Roy Moore, the notorious Alabama judge and now the Republican nominee for Senate in that state, has made his name on things like putting a 10 Commandments monument in a court building and ordering probate judges not to follow the law on marriage equality after the U.S. Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision—a decision Talking Points Memo reports he has said was “even worse in a sense” than the Dred Scott decision upholding slavery. But if he’s elected to the Senate, Moore won’t just be casting votes for bigotry. He’ll have a say in other important issues, and Alexander C. Kaufman’s deep dive on Moore and climate change is about as scary as Moore’s views on social issues. Although he has largely ducked the issue as a Senate candidate, Moore has a history, writing at WorldNetDaily in 2009 that:

“Not only is there no constitutional authority for Congress

regulate carbon emissions, but the premise of ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’ upon which such environmental theories are based does not have the support of a scientific consensus,” Moore wrote.

“Not only do scientists disagree on ‘global warming,’ but there is little hard evidence that carbon emissions cause changes to the global climate. But it appears that Obama and his liberal administration are not really interested in what the Constitution or the scientific community have to say when it interferes with their radical agenda.”

Beyond what Moore himself has said, Kaufman shows how the religious and political tradition he comes out of basically holds that “God gave us fossil fuels for a reason.”

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