Republican Sen. Bob Corker: Trump is ‘devolving’ as president

It’s not just people on the outside watching Donald Trump’s mental/emotional capacity disintegrate. Others, like Republican Sen. Bob Corker, are noticing the same thing. In a rather candid on-the-fly interview from the halls of Congress, Corker talked about the White House asking him to “intervene” with Trump in moments where he was going “off the tracks.” Corker’s conclusion—and probably a main driver of his recent straight talk about Trump—is that Trump’s getting worse, not better.

“I’ve had private meetings with him, dinners with him, I’ve played golf with him, I’ve had multiple occasions where the staff has asked me to please intervene—he was getting ready to do something that was really off the tracks,” Corker said, “And look, I’ve seen no evolution in an upward way. As a matter of fact, I would say, it appears to me that it’s almost devolving.”

Corker also expanded on his earlier assertions that Trump is debasing the


“For young people to be watching not only here in our country but around the world, someone of this mentality or… as president of the United States, is something I think that is debasing to our country,” Corker said. “You would think he would aspire to be the president of the United States. And act like a president of the United States. […] But he’s obviously, you know, not up to that.”

Watch Corker’s interview below.

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