House Republicans announce a new Russia investigation … about Hillary Clinton

While Bob Corker is engaging in a twit-off with Donald Trump, there are other Republicans who are very, very anxious to show that they’ll still march off any cliff on Trump’s command. And they have a leader.

Devin Nunes has a job. That job is to turn the House Intelligence Committee into an extension of Donald Trump’s wildest conspiracy theories, no evidence required. Whether it’s leaping from a car to make a mystery visit to the White Housethreatening to jail noted Obama sympathizer Jefferson Sessions, issuing his own subpoenas after he’s recused himself from the investigation, or simply making himself the most ridiculous figure in Washington, Nunes is Trump’s go to guy when he needs someone to prop up his nuttiness.

So when Trump tweets …


There’s really only one person who can give that tweet the response it deserves. 

House Republicans are launching an investigation into Russia and an Obama-era uranium deal, the intelligence committee’s chairman announced Tuesday.

Rep. Devin Nunes said at a news conference that his committee and the House oversight committee are starting the investigation, which will include whether there was an FBI investigation into the matter, and if so, why Congress was not informed. “That will be the start of the probe,” Nunes said.

Was Russia involved in a deal for Russia to buy a Canadian energy firm? Yes. Yes it was. Investigation complete. 

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