Donald Trump is not ‘untrustworthy’ or ‘inconsistent.’ Donald Trump is a liar, and incompetent

The efforts to tiptoe around the plain evidence that Donald Trump is a racist, lying, possibly dementia-riddled sack of shit continue.

President Trump campaigned as one of the world’s greatest dealmakers, but after nine months of struggling to broker agreements, lawmakers in both parties increasingly consider him an untrustworthy, chronically inconsistent and easily distracted negotiator.

Because he is. He just is—there is no consider involved here. He is transparently unaware of the details of even his own would-be priorities. He lies extensively and about everything. He contradicts his own prior statements with such regularity that he genuinely appears to have no ability to distinguish between reality and fiction. There was a point at which we could charitably have considered him a mere incompetent; that point has long past.

The president’s propensity to create diversions and follow tangents has kept him from focusing on his legislative agenda and forced lawmakers who might

natural allies on key policies into the uncomfortable position of having to answer for his behavior and outbursts.

Horse shit. The sitting “president” does not have a “propensity” for diversions; the sitting “president” is demonstrably unable to hold any conversation not predicated on those diversions. He cannot give a speech without it devolving into constant asides on his own superiority. He cannot give a speech in which he states, accurately, what his own supposed legislative proposals would do. He cannot give any evidence that he so much as remembers seeing the pieces of paper his legislative proposals are written on.

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