Trump delivers more doozies: ‘My generals and my military’ authorized the Niger mission, ‘I didn’t’

Donald Trump gave a meandering impromptu interview to the press corps Wednesday in which he touched on issues ranging from the Niger mission he claimed he didn’t authorize to his own superior intellectual capacities and how “extremely nice and extremely respectful” he was to the widow of slain soldier Sgt. La David Johnson.

Frankly, there was too much outlandishness to cover in one blog post, but let’s hit some central points from the presser, which aired on MSNBC. First, Trump claimed complete ownership over the military yet said he didn’t authorize the fateful Niger mission. Instead, he scapegoated his generals for the mission that resulted in the deaths of four American soldiers.

Asked by reporters whether he gave the go-ahead for the operation, Trump said: “No I didn’t. Not specifically.”

But just after that, Trump declared the very same generals as his own, not America’s.

With that being said, my generals and my military, they have

ability. As far as the incident that we’re talking about, I’ve been seeing it just like you’ve been seeing it, I’ve been getting reports, they have to meet the enemy and they meet him tough and that’s what happens.

Right. Well, thanks for that clarity. Not the first time Trump’s thrown his generals under the bus.


Moving on to Sgt. Johnson’s grieving widow, Trump’s still essentially calling her a liar (more here) and, somehow, he’s really gotten a bad rap in the press.

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