Trump’s senior environmental adviser nominee says climate change is treason and coal ended slavery

Take one part black helicopter, blue-helmet troops coming to invade Texas. Add two parts climate change is a Chinese hoax. Mix well—apply as the new White House senior adviser for environmental policy.

President Donald Trump’s nominee to be the White House senior adviser for environmental policy has said publicly in the past that the goal of the United Nations and climate change activists is “all-powerful government” that would effectively end democracy.

What is her evidence for this claim? Evidence is for scientists. And Kathleen Hartnett White would never let anyone accuse her of being a scientist.

In a 2016 appearance on the “Rush to Reason” radio show, White said the goal of those trying to control greenhouse gas emissions was a centralized economy controlled by elites, invoking the economies under Adolf Hitler and the Soviet Union as examples.

It’s well known that the first things on the agendas of Hitler

Lenin was … cleaning up the environment and building out more solar energy. Because nothing says suppression of democracy like clean air and water. One last effort. Can White conflate Nazism, Communism, and environmentalism all in one big conspiratorial blob? Only if you throw in slavery. And a side of good Trump-flavored gibberish.

“We knew that a lot before the Obama administration came in, and I don’t need to list examples, I don’t think for many people, but the Soviet Union and Hitler and many other countries, Centralized control of economies don’t work,” White added. “They impoverish people. They take people back to what I call pre-industrial society, where you always had the wealthy elite who had abundant energy, and then you had the overwhelming bulk of the population was really, I was going to say slaves but enslaved. They worked around the clock trying to provide the energy resources.”

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