Trump administration recommends lifting ban on uranium mining in Grand Canyon

For 20 years, mining for uranium inside of the Grand Canyon has been banned. For that same amount of time, the Koch brothers have worked tirelessly to get the ban lifted.

Billionaire businessmen Charles and David Koch are channeling money into an Arizona-based organization that’s fighting a plan that would include a permanent ban on uranium mining around the Grand Canyon.

The arguments for upholding the ban are that it provides no public profit to allow private uranium mining and that by not allowing such, we relieve ourselves of the burden of worrying about the very real environmental damage uranium mining would open up.

This is exactly why the new USDA report by the Trump administration is both unsurprising and grotesquely craven. In it they have all kinds of great recommendations for how we can “streamline” things in our national parks. Lo and behold, one of them “could” lead to uranium mining.

Adoption of this recommendation

re-open lands to mineral entry pursuant to the United States mining laws facilitating exploration for, and possibly development of, uranium resources.

Trump and his interior scam artist Ryan Zinke have been very clear about their intentions to parcel off our national park lands to private interests. Along with our energy secretary, the honorable dunderhead from Texas Rick Perry, there has been a multi-pronged effort to turn back time on how we develop as a nation. And there’s no attempt to hide how craven this stance is: It’s about making rich people more money at the expense of the overwhelming majority of Americans.

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