The Republican tax cuts plan, now with more people losing their health insurance

What was definitely missing from the Donald Trump Tax Cuts Act the House Republicans unveiled this week? It didn’t have enough Obamcare repeal. So they’re going to add it. Because it’s just one more way to screw over the middle class.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) said Friday that lawmakers are considering repealing ObamaCare’s individual mandate as part of their tax-reform bill given President Trump’s repeated demands to do so.
Brady said Trump has told him twice by phone and once in person that he wants the mandate repealed in the tax bill. Trump has also publicly called for the idea. […]

“No decisions have been made; we’re listening to members and certainly the president as well,” Brady said.  

Still, he noted that the idea is under consideration. He said lawmakers have asked the Congressional Budget Office for an updated analysis with the mandate’s repeal


We already know what the CBO will say because it’s already done the calculations. Repealing the mandate will save some money because of all the people it will force out of the marketplaces. There’s the people who will choose not to sign up, and there will be the people who don’t find out they’re eligible for Medicaid and all the people whose premiums will skyrocket when all the young, healthy people aren’t buying insurance and helping to keep premiums down for everyone else.

Millions of people losing insurance in the next decade is just the icing on the cake for these sociopaths.

Jam the phone lines of House Republicans to make sure they can’t pass the tax bill. Call your House member at (202) 224-3121, and tell them NO on the Republican tax plan that showers more breaks on the wealthy.

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