The ‘diversity visa’ program Trump is attacking also produced a Muslim immigrant hero

After near-silence on a domestic terror attack in Charlottesville that killed one and a mass shooting in Las Vegas that killed dozens and injured hundreds, Donald Trump finally found an incident of terrorism he was willing to get shouty and red-faced about. He made no call for the perpetrator of the Charlottesville attack to be summarily put to death, as he has for the New York attacker. He offered up not a single damn bit of legal change that would prevent future mass murderers from, next time, killing even more Americans, but he insisted that the New York attacker could be pinned on a specific immigration program.

This is because Donald Trump is a blustering xenophobe and racist, a half-senile old man who reliably only offers up outrage when the perpetrator of a violent attack is an immigrant, non-white, Muslim, or any combination of the three.

So here’s a story

a Muslim immigrant Donald Trump never gave a damn about—one who saved New York City from a would-be terrorist’s bombs.

An Egyptian Muslim just-arrived in the United States on a Diversity Visa—precisely the type that Donald Trump is trying to blame for the bike-path murders on Halloween in Lower Manhattan—in fact stopped a terrorist atrocity that would have been much, much worse in 1997 on the New York City subway. […]
Abdel Rahman Mosabbah, from a small town on the Upper Nile near Luxor and the only member of his family with a university education, wanted to build a future in the United States. His was the classic immigrant dream: to put down roots and eventually to bring his wife and raise his family in a land of freedom and opportunity. He saw the terrorists as anything but heroes or martyrs. He saw them as a threat to him and to his new country that must be stopped. And had he not acted, the slaughter on the B Train would have been horrific.

So there ya go, you giant orange glob of rage and bitterness. Meet Abdel Rahman Mosabbah, a better man than you’ll ever be.

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