Pence vouches for Trump’s dubious terrorists-in-the-caravan claim with a bogus stat

Faced with defending Trump’s claim, Pence embraces it — using a claim that has been debunked and contradicts the Department of Homeland Security.

Trump’s embrace of a fraught term — ‘nationalist’ — could cement a dangerous racial divide

A public embrace of a fraught term can led to is mainstreaming. And doing that with “nationalism” very much fits with Trump’s divisive strategy.

The late Trump bump — and what it does and doesn’t mean

Trump is as or more popular than 7 of the last 17 presidents to face midterm elections. But everyone below him got drubbed in the midterms

The irony: While Trump marvels at Saudis’ strength, his response signals his own weakness

Trump has long admired authoritarians’ strength. But letting them kill a journalist for an American newspaper with little recourse would be a tacit admission of his own weakness.

Trump’s preferred narrative on Jamal Khashoggi is looking less and less realistic

Trump’s preferred narrative suffered a number of setbacks Wednesday.

Trump’s fanciful, falsehood-filled AP interview, annotated

The false claims are flying fast and furious these days.

Why is Trump parroting Saudi Arabia’s lines on Jamal Khashoggi even before they do?

For the second time in two days, Trump effectively and helpfully previews the Saudi line on Jamal Khashoggi.

Why the Cherokee Nation’s rebuke of Elizabeth Warren matters

The Nation issued a blistering statement Monday, marking a reversal — in tone at least — from where it stood in 2012.

The unmistakable tell that Trump doesn’t want to avenge Jamal Khashoggi

When Trump says someone “totally” or “vehemently” denies something, you can take it to the bank that he believes them.

6 takeaways from Trump’s ‘60 Minutes’ interview

Trump is still downplaying human rights abuses and Russian election interference. And it sounds like James Mattis’s time in the administration could be limited.

Trump’s potential new attorney general once mused about choking off Robert Mueller’s funding

Matt Whitaker, who has been floated for both the Justice Department’s No. 2 and top jobs, wouldn’t oversee the probe. But his commentary on it raises questions.

‘It’s not a citizen’: Trump telegraphs a soft line on Jamal Khashoggi — even as evidence becomes more damning

Eric Holder: ‘When they go low, we kick them. That’s what this new Democratic Party is about.’

The former Obama administration attorney general made the remarks during an appearance in Georgia.

Hillary Clinton’s approval of incivility, and the Democrats’ overreach problem

On civility, impeachment and policy, the party faces many immediate decisions — that nobody can agree upon.

‘Something doesn’t smell right’: The curious timing of Nikki Haley’s exit

Why now? There aren’t many good answers.

Brett Kavanaugh participates in Trump’s knife-twisting of the Democrats

It was a study in contrasts.

Pack the Supreme Court? Why we may be getting closer.

FDR tried it and failed. Political circumstances may make it a matter of time.

Another big Democratic loss. And yet more complaints about a ‘rigged’ system.

Democrats, who previously blamed gerrymandering and the the electoral college for their plights, now blame an unrepresentative Senate.

Kavanaugh’s confirmation gives the GOP its most power since the Great Depression

It may change in a hurry come November, but for now the GOP has never dominated all levers of government like right now.

Did Michael Avenatti help doom the case against Brett Kavanaugh?

Republicans routinely cited the Avenatti-facilitated allegation as proof of the frivolous and partisan campaign against Kavanaugh.