DO NOT DENY: More and more, Trump’s own spokesmen refuse to vouch for him

The Trump team’s conspicuous new M.O. on questions about racism, collusion and conspiracies.

Not even Republicans buy the Trump team’s ‘collusion isn’t a crime’ defense

A new poll shows 69 percent of Republicans think it’s never okay to accept opposition research from a hostile foreign power.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s stunning non-denial that Trump used the n-word

It was crystal-clear exactly what was happening.

The alleged Trump n-word tape is suddenly less hypothetical

Trump’s ‘dog’ tweet about Omarosa has no real, innocent explanation

Trump has been criticized for calling women “dogs” and other well-known sexist slurs before. He knew what he was doing.

Nobody did more damage to Robert Mueller than Peter Strzok

Assessing the damage done.

Almost everything Trump tweeted about Omarosa today is the opposite of what he said before

Looking back at all the times Trump lauded his newfound foe.

The Trump White House’s new hush-money problem

Omarosa Manigault Newman has credibility issues. But this claim is confirmed.

Why the media shouldn’t ‘go to war’ with Trump

CNN’s Brian Stelter questions whether there is simply a new reality in the media-presidency paradigm, now that Trump has doubled down on labeling the media the “enemy of the people.”

A GOP candidate denounced Trump’s comments about sexually assaulting women and insulting Gold Star parents. Now he’s paying for it.

A sign of the times for the GOP in the Florida governor race.

The ‘perjury trap’ is real. But Trump set it himself.

It was subtle before. On Wednesday night, Rudy Giuliani twice accused Robert Mueller of trying to trap Trump into committing perjury.

The worst — and most intriguing — parts of the secret Devin Nunes tape

It’s not where he says the GOP needs the majority to save Trump; it’s where he suggests Jeff Sessions could be doing it.

The Mueller-Trump interview drama may be coming to a head

The Trump interview negotiations will apparently never end. But the dynamics may be changing.

The 4 most interesting parts of the Chris Collins insider-trading indictment

The key parts of the indictment of Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.), his son and another person.

All the reasons a Democratic wave appears over the horizon

Democrats appear to have lost narrowly in Ohio; but it reinforces the fundamentals.

Paul Ryan’s latest explanation for Trump’s tweets might be the worst of all

Ryan keeps saying Trump is just trolling us. But inherent in that is dishonesty.

Dissecting Donald Trump Jr.’s red-herring-filled defense of the Trump Tower meeting

The full transcript, annotated.

Trump is trying to argue collusion isn’t illegal. But he’s admitted it is — on multiple occasions.

Here are 5 examples.

‘Facts develop’: The Trump team’s new ‘alternative facts’-esque ways to explain its falsehoods

Jay Sekulow and John Bolton tried some new tacks for explaining the falsehoods coming from the White House.

Trump just made 2 problematic admissions about the Trump Tower meeting

Trump now says, “This was a meeting to get information on an opponent.” That’s not what he said initially.