Trump’s increasingly desperate, tortured claims about the Russia probe

Trump claimed this week that the FBI may have “implanted” someone who “spied” on his campaign. It’s merely the latest bogus claim.

Rudy Giuliani makes a big, new concession: A president can commit obstruction of justice

Trump’s previous lawyer, John Dowd, had said a president can’t.

Why Robert Mueller probably won’t — and perhaps shouldn’t — indict Trump

Doing so would be legally controversial and likely reduce the odds of peaceable resolution.

Rudy Giuliani just watered down Trump’s Russia collusion denial – again

This is now at least the seventh time the goal posts have been moved — all in one direction.

54 things Donald Trump Jr. couldn’t ‘recall’ or ‘remember’ in his testimony

So much testimony. So many details he said escaped him.

Trump’s disclosure of his Stormy Daniels reimbursement reveals yet another contradiction

Rudy Giuliani said Trump paid Michael Cohen $460,000 or $470,000. Trump’s disclosure only lists reimbursements between $100,001 and $250,000.

7 big things we just learned from the Trump Tower meeting transcripts

The highlights from 2,500 pages of congressional testimony.

The GOP cowers before almighty Trump — again

During a lunch with Trump on Tuesday, Republicans didn’t even bring up Kelly Sadler’s comment on John McCain. That epitomizes their one-sided relationship.

Is Donald Trump the John Wooden of presidents? Evaluating the case for Trump’s new favorite metaphor.

Trump tweeted an op-ed with lots of very Trumpian statistics.

Trump keeps lowering the bar for what constitutes ‘treason’ – which may not be a great idea

In Trump’s world, collusion requires an explicit quid pro quo. Treason by his opponents? A much lower standard.

The systemic problem with pro-Trump media, in one quote

“Our audience isn’t going to want me to really ask about Russia or Stormy Daniels,” the Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody says. “They are just not going to want me to ask.”

Is Mike Pompeo backing off Trump’s demand that North Korea get rid of its nukes?

Trump has said Kim Jong Un would have to “get rid of their nukes.” His secretary of state has given signs of offering a softer list of demands.

The Trump White House crossed a new threshold for political debasement this week

The White House’s message about Kelly Sadler’s John McCain comment: Nothing is beyond the pale, and nothing is more important than politics.

My new favorite map shows how Trump redrew our political boundaries

Ninety-seven counties hadn’t voted Republican in at least 30 years before Trump. And half of them come in just four states.

Trump sells out to the drug companies, according to Trump

Trump once said lawmakers didn’t negotiate Medicare drug prices because they were afraid of drug companies. Now, he’s backing off his promise to negotiate Medicare prices.

Rudy Giuliani’s own law firm disputes a central claim of his Trump-Michael Cohen defense

Giuliani’s own law firm disputes his comments about Michael Cohen’s payment being business as usual.

For Trump, winning is the best medicine

That doesn’t mean the scandals aren’t important. It does mean they’re more survivable.

Michael Cohen, swamp thing

Cohen’s newly disclosed consulting agreements provide a window into how Washington works. It’s not pretty.

Michael Cohen, and the Trump team’s perpetually sloppy ties to Russians

Whether nefarious or not, Cohen decided to go into business with a company tied to a Russian oligarch even as the Russia probe was big news. That seems like a bad idea.

Winners and losers from the first big primary day of 2018

Three big Senate primaries and on big governor’s race.