John Brennan has gotten a lot more outspoken about Trump and Russia over the past year

The question is whether Brennan has done it to become more political, or because he felt compelled to speak out about the facts. We parse what he said then and now.

Just how big of a deal has Trump been in Republican primaries anyway?

We break down high-profile races where Trump’s presence had a major influence and not-so-major influence

Winners and losers from Tuesday’s primaries: Once again, Trump is a big winner

But Trump-like candidates winning in primaries doesn’t necessarily equate to winning in November. In fact, some Republicans fear it could be the opposite.

West Virginia’s efforts to impeach the state’s Supreme Court are just the latest in a worrisome trend

A felon, a drunk driver and an alleged #MeToo perpetrator are on the ballot Tuesday

At this point in 2018, politicians accused of behaving badly is just par for the course

After Ohio’s special election, here are 12 districts House Democrats think they can win

If Ohio’s 12th district wasn’t even supposed to be on the map of competitive races, Democrats think these suburban Republican-held districts certainly are.

Chris Collins is the latest example of politicians feeling invincible in the era of Trump

They only have to look to the White House for a role model.

Chris Collins, Donald Trump and Republicans’ corruption perception problem

It’s getting easier for Democrats to tie separate threads together to argue that Republicans under Trump’s Washington are out for themselves.

Women just broke a new record: The most nominees for female governor candidates

It’s a sorely needed step forward for women in governor’s mansions.

Winners and losers from Tuesday’s elections

Trump is not the big winner Tuesday night. House Democrats are.

Trump may have just made his riskiest endorsement yet with Kris Kobach in Kansas

The president endorsed an inflammatory figure in Tuesday’s GOP governor’s primary whom some Republican operatives don’t want to win.

Win or lose, Democrats are already celebrating Tuesday’s Ohio special election

Democrats and independent analysts think just getting this close suggests that they can take back the House this November.

If Democrats fail to take back the House in November, this might be why

A look at the counterpoints to the conventional wisdom in Washington that Democrats will probably win the lower chamber.

Republicans are panicking about losing Tuesday’s Ohio special election

In Tennessee’s governor’s race, Diane Black underscored how unhelpful it is to be a House Republican

She’s the fifth Republican member of Congress seeking higher office to lose this year.

Sarah Sanders presents the official White House policy: The media is the enemy of the people

Four times in two days, the White House press secretary refused to condemn heckling of journalists or to say the media is not the enemy of America.

Democrats are probably fighting a losing battle over Kavanaugh’s White House documents

The Senate fight over Brett Kavanaugh’s White House documents, explained.

Trump is trying to decimate Obamacare. But that has proved hard to do.

Health policy experts say the law is surprisingly intact and it will probably take an act of Congress to undo it.

It sounds as if Trump is itching for a government shutdown. But why?

He might be calculating that a government shutdown is good politics for him.

Why is Paul Ryan defending Jim Jordan and Jason Lewis?

The political climate of the moment gives us some clues.