Premiums for popular ACA health insurance dip for the first time

The Trump administration claims its policies are stabilizing the marketplaces, but not all agree.

Azar backs protections for preexisting conditions, skirting administration’s legal stance

The HHS secretary contends drug manufacturers face hurdles in trying to lower prescription prices.

Health and Human Services secretary discharged after overnight stay at hospital

“Glad to be back at work,” Alex Azar says after receiving IV antibiotics for an infection.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar hospitalized for treatment of ‘minor infection’

He received intravenous antibiotics, the department said.

Paul Ryan and Janesville: The speaker’s rapport with his hometown had frayed

The House speaker was facing his toughest race, though was expected to have won.

Iowa tries another end run around the Affordable Care Act

When is health insurance not health insurance? When a new law calls it a “benefit plan,” one of various states’ efforts to bypass ACA rules.

Enrollment in ACA health-care plans is still running ahead of last year

Nearly 2.28 million people have chosen Affordable Care Act coverage for 2018 in the states relying on the federal marketplace.

‘Skinny repeal’ could be the Senate’s health-care bill of last resort

The plan would eliminate the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate and two other key elements of the law.

Former GOP senator tells Republicans to vote no on ACA repeal efforts this week

“Never in all my years did I experience the level of bullying we see today,” David Durenberger writes in an op-ed.

CBO to issue cost estimate of House health-care bill within two weeks

Senators can’t move forward without the analysis of the impact that the House Republicans’ bill will have on federal spending.

Sen. Warren questions SEC nominee on Wall Street connections

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) grilled Jay Clayton, Trump’s nominee to head the Securities and Exchange Commission, about his past Wall Street clients and whether he would be a tough prosecutor of corporate wrongdoing.

Seven years ago today: ACA supporters tout numbers to mark law’s anniversary

The former president and some Obama administration officials focus on the positives as they look back.

Income separates the winners and losers in Republicans’ health-care plans

The GOP’s proposal reflects its fundamentally different vision of government’s role.

Here’s what’s in the House Republicans’ plan to repeal the ACA

House Republicans on March 6 released legislation that would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Here’s what you need to know about the plan.

New details emerge on GOP plans to repeal and replace Obamacare

Reversing course, Republicans would keep income-based assistance to help Americans afford health coverage.

Trump rolls out new travel ban amid reactions to wiretapping claims

The Trump administration on March 6 unveiled an executive order establishing a new travel ban as President Trump’s wiretapping claims continued to elicit reactions.

Tom Price belongs to doctors’ group with unorthodox views on government and health care

Tom Price has a history of bashing the mission and bureaucrats of the department he would lead if confirmed.

After health care missteps, a chastened Hillary Clinton emerged

As first lady, Clinton rejected the ways of Washington and paid a price.

After health care missteps, a chastened Hillary Clinton emerged

As first lady, Clinton rejected the ways of Washington and paid a price.

For Merrick Garland, a methodical life of ambition

From a young age, the Supreme Court nominee has been a disciplined rule follower and consensus builder.