Trump’s ex-campaign manager cites traffic stop in a Rolls-Royce as example of ‘real guy’ experience

Corey Lewandowski said Trump was pulled over about four years ago for talking on his phone.

Trump signs defense bill but snubs the senator the legislation is named after — John McCain

Trump poses with supporter with sexist patch at motorcyclist event

It is not clear whether the president saw any of the patches worn by a member of the “Bikers for Trump” group.

Trump condemns ‘all types of racism’ after a week of racially tinged remarks

As white nationalists prepare to demonstrate in Washington, the president urges the nation to ‘come together.’

Trump commemorates Charlottesville violence with appeal to unity

The president refused to condemn organizers of a white supremacist rally one year ago. He tweeted Saturday that he condemns “all types of racism and acts of violence.”

On Colombia visit, Haley blames Maduro for Venezuela’s ruin

U.S. ambassador to U.N. announces $9 million more in aid to refugees and migrants

Colombia’s young, pro-American leader takes office, faces challenge to meet Trump’s expectations

Trump administration sees new Colombian president as an ally and fellow law-and-order leader

Trump confidante Nikki Haley will attend Iván Duque’s swearing-in as the White House warns Colombia it must expand its anti-drug campaign.

Trump says head of Europe’s lone fully populist government is ‘doing a fantastic job’

At the White House, the president praises Italy’s get-tough policies on migration: “He’s doing the right thing.”

Trump officially declares North Korea still a threat, despite his claim after historic summit

The White House extended restrictions on North Korea for one year, citing an ongoing threat of hostility and weapons of mass destruction.

First lady Melania Trump visits a Texas child detention center as administration backtracks on harsh policy

President Trump announced the trip at the start of a Cabinet meeting, at which he also renewed his false claim that Democrats are responsible for “loopholes” that led to his family separation policy at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Trump again blames Obama for Russian annexation of Crimea, says he may meet Putin in the summer

“President Obama lost Crimea, because President Putin didn’t respect President Obama,” Trump said during an impromptu news conference outside the White House.

Trump administration insists agreement means North Korea will denuclearize

As White House defends outcome of the summit, video emerges showing Trump saluting North Korean military chief.

Trump dangles White House visit for North Korea’s Kim if summit goes well

The president said he is “very well prepared” for his momentous first meeting with the leader he once mocked.

Trump dangles White House visit for North Korea’s Kim if summit goes well

The president said he is “very well prepared” for his momentous first meeting with the leader he once mocked.

‘Nothing that could be more terrifying’: Sarah Sanders chokes up when boy asks her about school shootings

Sanders, a mother of three young children, looked momentarily taken aback at his question, but answered swiftly.

DNC asks court to order Trump administration to serve Russia with legal papers

State Department would be required to serve Moscow in lawsuit over alleged 2016 election meddling

Nuclear deal Trump seeks with North Korea could mirror Iran deal he hates

If Trump can get a deal, it would trade nuclear concessions for sanctions relief. Sound familiar?

Former secretary of state Rex Tillerson says ‘alternative realities’ are a threat to democracy

Tillerson, who was fired in March, tells graduates that truth is the “central tenet” of a free society.

Trump’s decision to open Jerusalem embassy complicates promise to seek peace in the region

A regional peace initiative has been shelved because of Palestinian anger over the shift in decades of U.S. policy regarding the embassy.