Republicans who clucked that Clinton and Obama disrespected the Oval Office never heard Kanye West’s f-bomb

The rapper held forth with profanity, inanity and a profession of love for President Trump, who said West could be a future presidential candidate.

‘Don’t worry about us’: Critics fault Trump’s hands-off response to autocrat abuses

Trump has appeared hesitant to challenge leaders accused of brazen provocations, such as the alleged operation by the Saudi regime to kill journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

President says he is ‘concerned’ about missing Saudi journalist

Pence says China is trying to undermine Trump because it ‘wants a different American president’

Trump and North Korea’s Kim: Caught in a bad romance?

Trump says he “fell in love” with a dictator who wrote him beautiful letters, but veterans of past negotiations say somebody’s gonna get hurt.

In West Virginia, Trump turns Kavanaugh nomination fight into partisan rallying cry

“A vote for Judge Kavanaugh is also a vote to reject the ruthless and outrageous tactics of the Democrat Party,” the president said at a rally in Wheeling, W.Va.

Trump says senators should ‘do what they think is right’ on Kavanaugh

Speaking calmly, Trump called Ford’s testimony “compelling” but also continued to voice support for his Supreme Court nominee.

Trump endorses separate Palestinian state as goal of Mideast peace talks

Trump says he has ‘no plans’ to meet with Iranian leader at the U.N.

Trump tells storm survivors ‘we will never leave your side’ as he tours the Carolinas

‘Bada bing bada boom’: Paul Manafort’s attempt to smear a jailed Ukrainian politician

The guilty plea of Trump’s former campaign chairman sheds light on a 2012 dirty trick campaign targeting ‘[O]bama jews.’

Trump issues new order authorizing additional sanctions for interfering in upcoming U.S. elections

Irish government says Trump has scratched planned trip to Dublin this fall

The next administration should revive support of democratic values abroad, new report says

The Center for American Progress report is aimed at giving Democrats talking points for countering Trump’s retreat from the global stage.

Trump lashes out at social media companies over ‘political censorship,’ ‘rigged search results’

“We will not let large corporations silence conservative voices,” Trump said at a rally in Indiana for Republican Senate nominee Mike Braun.

How Trump relies on his cable news cabinet as much as the real one

Bad blood between McCain and Trump lingers, even as the Arizona Republican nears the end

Trump said the Vietnam POW was ‘not a war hero,’ while McCain called Trump’s summit performance with Putin ‘disgraceful.’ 

For President Trump, ‘national security’ can mean just about anything

The ‘magical incantation’ has been applied to everything from immigration to imports to television critics.

In Trump’s standoff with Turkey, two tough-guy leaders and a deal gone wrong

Trump is furious that a deal that would have freed an American pastor held in Turkey has fallen apart, according to aides.

Trump’s ex-campaign manager cites traffic stop in a Rolls-Royce as example of ‘real guy’ experience

Corey Lewandowski said Trump was pulled over about four years ago for talking on his phone.