‘We’re going to take action’: Inside Trump’s shifting stance on gun rights

In the aftermath of Florida school shooting, the president has had a week of activity, emotion and new positions on gun measures.

Pence was set to meet with North Korean officials during the Olympics before last minute cancellation

The vice president’s office promoted his trip as an effort to combat what it said was North Korea’s effort to use the Winter Games for propaganda purposes and portrayed the cancellation of the meeting as evidence his mission was a success.

For the weary White House, Florida shooting offered a ‘reprieve’ from scandals

In aftermath of Florida shooting, Trump and his aides have escaped questions about a series of controversies. But the mayhem could return this week in Washington.

‘Go Donald!’: Inside the Russian shadow campaign to elect Trump

The St. Petersburg-run effort included fake rallies, false identities and divisive slogans intended to boost Trump and undermine Clinton.

White House reels as FBI director contradicts official claims about alleged abuser

The controversy has undermined the credibility of Trump’s second chief of staff, John Kelly, as the administration seeks to focus on its agenda.

Pence’s Olympic mission — rebuff North Korea’s propaganda

Nearly every one of the vice president’s actions during his five-day trip to Japan and South Korea this week have been aimed at combating North Korea’s shiny propaganda with gritty talk of his own.

Pence steps into a more prominent role on the world stage

Entering the second year of the Trump administration, the vice president is expanding his profile at home and abroad.