Dina Powell no longer in running to succeed Nikki Haley

The former White House aide was Trump’s preferred choice for U.S. ambassador to the U.N., but wants to stay at Goldman Sachs in New York, according to a senior White House official and a person familiar with the matter.

‘Who doesn’t want to be a celebrity?’: Democrats ponder the stars in challenging Trump in 2020

A new cast of celebrities and famous-for-politics personalities enter the stage as the wide-open presidential race starts to take shape.

‘A rising star’: Haley poses a potential threat to Trump even if she doesn’t run in 2020

The departing U.N. ambassador has meticulously built her own political brand with a long career still ahead of her.

Kavanaugh likes beer — but Trump is a teetotaler: ‘He doesn’t like drinkers.’

For Trump and White House, Kavanaugh hearing was a suspenseful drama in two acts

‘Give it to me’: Trump lets loose with 81 minutes of bluster, falsehoods and insults

What was perhaps most remarkable was just how transparent and revealing President Trump continues to be.

Resign, fire or stay? Rosenstein is the latest contestant in Trump’s favorite game.

‘I think it pleases him to sort of paw at a wounded mouse in front of him,’ one Trump biographer said.

At Las Vegas rally, Trump doubles down on his support for Kavanaugh

Trump feels angry, unprotected amid mounting crises

‘Tremendously big’: Trump reaches for superlatives in the face of calamity

The president has long attracted criticism for an odd exuberance — and a fondness for exclamation points — amid storms and other deadly disasters.

Trump colors the fall campaign landscape: ‘He’s been the only thing that matters’

The midterm elections are centering on Trump — the man and his rash antics, more so than his policies — strategists on both sides say.

Trump, White House attack new book from Bob Woodward

“This book is nothing more than fabricated stories, many by former disgruntled employees, told to make the President look bad,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement.

Trump pushes a reality where opponents are peddling false facts and only he can be trusted

The president and his supporters are under siege, Trump’s tweets imply, from pernicious forces conspiring against them.

President Non Grata: Trump often unwelcome and unwilling to perform basic rituals of the office

The lack of invitation to John McCain’s funeral is the latest in a line of snubs in both directions, from public displays of mourning to cultural celebrations.

‘I’m not going there’: As Trump hurls racial invective, most Republicans stay silent

The studied avoidance reflects the reluctance of most Republicans to confront some of Trump’s divisive and inflammatory rhetoric.

‘He created Omarosa’: How Trump’s protegee turned his tactics against him

Ex-aide Omarosa Manigault Newman’s book-tour allegations rattle the president and wreak havoc on the White House.

‘A natural’: Donald Trump Jr. emerges as a campaign star, despite Russia baggage

Even though he is under scrutiny by Mueller’s probe, President Trump’s namesake son is an in-demand surrogate ahead of the midterms.

Trump acknowledges, defends 2016 meeting between son, Kremlin-aligned lawyer

In Pennsylvania, Trump tries to rally supporters behind GOP Senate candidate

Visit will test the president’s ability to help the Republican Party win in swing states in November.

‘Not good, not nice’: At Florida rally, Trump says China has ‘targeted our farmers’

“You know what our farmers are saying? ‘It’s okay. We can take it,’ ” president said amid rising trade tensions with Beijing.