Graham: Immigration debate ‘has turned into an s-show’

The immigration debate has turned into an “s-show,” Sen. Lindsey Graham said Tuesday, lamenting what he said was President Donald Trump’s abrupt change in tone on the topic last week.

“This has turned into an s-show, and we need to get back to being a great country where Democrats and Republicans work together to do something that we should have done years ago,” the South Carolina Republican said during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

Trump on Thursday roiled the immigration debate when he told lawmakers in a private meeting that he wanted to encourage people to come to the U.S. from countries like Norway instead of places he described as "shitholes." Graham, who was at the meeting, said Trump had appeared to have a different perspective when they spoke earlier in the week.

“So Tuesday, we had a president that I was proud to golf with, call my Continue reading “Graham: Immigration debate ‘has turned into an s-show’”

Homeland security chief says she’ll work with Hawaii officials after false emergency alert

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said Tuesday she would work with Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) to ensure that states have a uniform way to handle missile threats and alert systems, after a false emergency alert was sent to Hawaii residents warning of an incoming ballistic missile.

“I’d like to work with you to ensure we’re providing specific instructions on what to do upon an alert,” Nielsen said before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Saturday’s false alarm from Hawaii emergency officials encouraged residents to seek shelter from a “ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii,” but it was later retracted and attributed to human error.

Nielsen said the Department of Homeland Security is not solely responsible for guaranteeing that states’ alert systems work properly.

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Trump ‘shithole’ comments ‘unhelpful,’ Ryan says

House Speaker Paul Ryan said on Friday that President Donald Trump’s comments about “shithole” countries were “unfortunate” and “unhelpful.”

“The first thing that came to my mind was very unfortunate, unhelpful,” Ryan (R-Wis.) said at a luncheon in Milwaukee. “But you know what I thought of right away? I thought about my own family.”

Ryan then told the story of his family’s immigration from Ireland and start in America.

“It is a beautiful story of America. That is a great story,” he said. “That is a story we have today. That is the story we had yesterday, and that is what makes this country so exceptional and unique in the first place. I see this as a thing to celebrate. I think it’s a big part of our strength, whether you are coming from Haiti.”

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Trump honors MLK Jr. amid controversy over racially charged ‘shithole countries’ comment

President Donald Trump honored Martin Luther King Jr. on Friday morning, less than a day after he allegedly asked why the U.S. admits people from “shithole countries."

“Today we celebrate Dr. King for standing up for the self-evident truth Americans hold so dear, that no matter what the color of our skin, or the place of our birth, we are all created equal by God,” Trump said during Friday’s event.

“But while Dr. King is no longer with us, his words and his vision only grow stronger with time,” he added. “Today we mourn his loss. We celebrate his legacy. And we pledge to fight for his dream of equality, freedom, justice and peace.”

Immediately following the signing of the document proclaiming Jan. 15 the Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday, Trump was met with questions regarding Thursday’s comments.

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Trump’s ‘shithole’ comment denounced across the globe

President Donald Trump faced a swift rebuke Friday after allegedly questioning why the United States accepts citizens from “shithole” countries, with foreign governments, Democrats and even some Republicans denouncing the president’s vulgar terminology.

Trump denied on Friday that he made the comments. But in Congress and across the globe, his alleged comments reverberated.

“In the course of [Trump’s] comments, [he] said things which were hate-filled, vile and racist,” Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin said Friday morning. “I use those words advisedly. I understand how powerful they are. But I cannot believe that in the history of the White House, in that Oval Office, any president has spoken the words that I personally heard our president speak yesterday.”

Several Republicans have also denounced Trump’s statement, including Reps. Mia Love, Illeana Ros-Lehtinen and Erik Paulsen.

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Botswana fires back over ‘shithole’ comment

The government of Botswana has fired back at President Donald Trump over his comments calling African countries and others “shithole” countries and is calling on other nations to condemn his remarks as well.

“The Government of Botswana is wondering why President Trump must use this descriptor and derogatory word, when talking about countries with whom the U.S. has had cordial and mutually beneficial bilateral relations for so many years,” the Republic of Botswana said in a statement.

“Botswana has accepted U.S. citizens within her borders over the years and continues to host U.S. guests and senior government officials, including a Congressional delegation that will come to Botswana at the end of this month,” the statement also noted. “That is why we view the utterances by the current American President as highly irresponsible, reprehensible and racist.”

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Trump to his detractors: ‘I’m smarter than all of them put together’

President Donald Trump touted a long list of personal accomplishments in an interview with The Wall Street Journal on Thursday, adding that he gets a lot of false press and has consistently been “successful at everything [he] ever did.”

Trump said that he’s seen more false press than anyone else ‘in the history of this country,” attributing that the liberal media’s feelings toward him.

“They dislike me. The liberal media dislikes me,” Trump said. “I was always the best at what I did. … I went to the Wharton School of Finance, did well. … I started out in a Brooklyn office with my father, I became one of the most successful real-estate developers, one of the most successful business people. I created maybe the greatest brand.”

He specifically called out NBC, saying that one of the reasons the network “hates: him is because he refused to sign Continue reading “Trump to his detractors: ‘I’m smarter than all of them put together’”