A constant in John McCain’s career: His a knack with the media

The senator built good will in the press through candor and accessibility.

John McCain and the media

The senator built good will in the press through candor and accessibility.

Charles Krauthammer inspired journalists with disabilities, including me

The Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist became known for his wit, not his wheelchair.

Michael Avenatti, now representing separated migrant families, denies he’s chasing the limelight

“Look, I didn’t need any additional fame or limelight beyond what I already had,” the lawyer for Stormy Daniels said.

Trump torn: Is it better to get good press or bad?

The president can’t decide whether he wants to be seen as besieged by unfair coverage or as so undeniably excellent that he can win over the press.

Steve Schmidt, Never Trumpers and life after the GOP

Republican expats are united in opposition to the direction of their former party but are divided over what to do next.

Kirstjen Nielsen’s suggestion that human-interest reporting reveals media bias

Her argument is flawed but not entirely without merit.

Jeff Sessions explains how separating families is different from what Nazis did

The difference, according to Sessions, is that Nazis were trying to keep Jews in the country, whereas the Trump administration is trying to keep immigrants out of the country.

How images of separated children are shaping the immigration debate

As cable news has become saturated with images of children fenced in and sleeping on floors, the White House has joined the outrage chorus — while blaming Democrats.

Mueller keeps tightening the screws on Paul Manafort

The special counsel seems to be making Manafort as uncomfortable as possible, in hopes that the former Trump campaign chairman will trade dirt on the president for leniency.

Trump turned ‘Fox & Friends’ into his personal reality show

The president made an impromptu appearance on his favorite morning TV program.

‘You’re a parent!’ Things got personal in the White House briefing room.

“I know it’s hard for you to understand even short sentences,” press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told CNN’s Jim Acosta.

5 takeaways from the inspector general’s report on Comey and the Clinton email investigation

The report arms supporters of President Trump and Hillary Clinton with new ammunition

A misleading way the White House tries to shoot down media reports

Trump officials sometimes cast aspersions on the newsgathering process, instead of issuing direct denials.

Trump’s campaign to discredit Michael Cohen is already underway

The president and his allies are taking no chances, as pressure on Cohen mounts.

The many ‘ridiculous,’ ‘insulting,’ ‘inappropriate’ questions Trump officials don’t want reporters to ask

The consistent message from the Trump administration is that journalists are misbehaving when they pose difficult or uncomfortable questions.

Trump’s refreshing admission that he felt ‘foolish’ when taunting Kim Jong Un

Speaking to Sean Hannity, the president effectively said that he gets why some observers doubted his approach.

Aiming at AT&T and Time Warner, Trump shot from the hip and missed

The president made a snap judgment and when the Justice Department followed through on his wishes, the result was a major loss.

White House to Justin Trudeau: Sorry, not sorry

Trade adviser Peter Navarro might be sorry for his word choice, but the White House stands by its message to Canada.

Winners and losers from the Trump-Kim summit

The meeting represented a significant de-escalation of tensions between nuclear powers, but human rights were pushed aside.