So how big is the media’s sexual-harassment problem?

A survey project by the Columbia Journalism Review could provide clues.

A photo shows Al Franken touching Leeann Tweeden’s chest. Many media reports still say he ‘allegedly’ groped her.

Some women’s rights advocates want the press to be bolder, but news outlets have their reasons to be cautious.

‘As you know,’ Roy Moore’s campaign used a rhetorical tactic to make his denials sound more credible

Communications specialists say Moore’s campaign chairman tried to mislead viewers at a news conference.

Roy Moore’s open letter to Sean Hannity, annotated

“I have been attacked by The Washington Post and other liberal media in a desperate attempt to smear my character and defeat my campaign.”

Sean Hannity gave Roy Moore an ultimatum. Then he went soft.

The Fox News host declined to say whether he believes Moore or his accusers and did not call for the former Alabama chief justice to exit the race.

Why it is so hard for Stephen Bannon to dump Roy Moore

The Breitbart News chairman has staked his reputation as an anti-establishment kingmaker on Moore’s candidacy.

Shep Smith and Sean Hannity live in different realities. That’s a problem for Fox News.

A division between news and opinion is standard at many media outlets, but facts and alternative facts cannot coexist.