Presidential profanity: A brief history

Presidents have had the occasional slip of the tongue. Here are some of those occasions. Warning: The following video contains offensive language.

What Republicans want to accomplish in 2018

The GOP is starting 2018 with a lofty legislative agenda. Here are ten of its top priorities this year.

U.S. officials urge Iran to stop blocking social-media sites as death toll rises in nationwide protests

The Trump administration suggested it may seek new sanctions for human rights abuses.

Trump officials tell Russia to drop its support for Syria’s Assad

Senior national security officials said Moscow and Washington cannot get along better while Russia backs Assad, who they said has lost legitimacy to rule Syria.

Trump officials defend Syria strikes, say they were in ‘vital national interest’

Russia, meanwhile, condemned the strikes against its ally, the Assad government.

Former GOP national security officials: Trump would be ‘most reckless’ American president in history

A letter signed by 50 former officials said a Trump presidency would pose a risk to national security.

Islamic State’s ambitions and allure grow as territory shrinks

This year, strikes on four continents have been marked not by lone wolf attackers but by teams of assailants.