The Health 202: In #Metoo era, Congress isn’t prioritizing Violence Against Women programs

VAWA again expires Dec. 7.

The Health 202: In Senate battle, Democrats’ focus on health care is giving them an edge

Take a look at Arizona and Tennessee.

The Health 202: Obscure provision in House opioids’ bill could restart war on drugs

Progressive and conservatives groups are uniting against it.

Senate passes sweeping opioids package

The Health 202: Senators to vote on opioid package. But big hurdles remain.

New national report mix of good and bad news on opioid misuse.

The Health 202: Maryland lawsuit aims to uphold ACA’s constitutionality

It’s the mirror of a Texas lawsuit designed to do the opposite.

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And it could go higher in the future.

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Addiction experts worry about some aspects.

The Health 202: Montana is voting on whether the tobacco industry should pay for Medicaid expansion

Taxes would increase on smoking products.

The Health 202: GOP argument against ‘Medicare for All’ doesn’t make sense

There’s no sign that anyone would be kicked off the program.

The Health 202: Opioid deal in Senate is rare bipartisan win

Votes could happen as soon as next week.

Senate reaches agreement on opioids package

Senate reaches agreement on opioids bill

The Health 202: Thousands of Arkansans may lose their health coverage. And they may not know it.

The state’s Medicaid work requirements are kicking in.

The Health 202: Democrats eager to press Kavanaugh on Affordable Care Act’s fate

The nominee’s record isn’t totally clear.

The Health 202: Debate over future of Affordable Care Act begins anew this week

Texas lawsuit and Kavanaugh hearing set to kick off.

Sen. Klobuchar: Democrats shouldn’t have gone ‘nuclear’ on judicial nominees

The Judiciary Committee member said she’d support bringing back the filibuster if the Democrats regain the majority next year.

Bush on McCain: ‘I got to enjoy one of life’s great gifts: the friendship of John McCain.’

Once bitter political rivals, the two became friends, and the former president honored the former senator for his life of service and example.

Obama on McCain: ‘John called on us to be bigger than that. He called on us to be better than that.’

The former president delivered a eulogy of the late senator and former political rival that honored his service and character.

The Health 202: Has Medicaid expansion helped or hurt the program? Depends which of these Republicans you ask

Ohio Gov. John Kasich and CMS head Seema Verma offer different perspectives.

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Republicans in tight races are adjusting their political strategy on the health care law.