Trickle-down representation: Will the most diverse Congress make Capitol Hill more diverse?

What the focus on the historically disproportionate number of white men in political power misses is the trickle-down effect it has on hiring staff.

Do Democrats want Nancy Pelosi as speaker again? Poll finds more prefer ‘someone else.’

As Pelosi spends the week back on Capitol Hill trying to convince her colleagues to give her another run at being House speaker, fewer than one-quarter of self-identified Democrats say their party’s lawmakers should pick her.

The House Democratic majority risks the same dysfunction as the Republicans. But do Americans care?

Compromise or fight? Each comes at a cost.

Rick Scott is attending freshman orientation before all the votes are counted. Is that normal?

There is no recent precedent for this.

What you need to know about the Florida recount

How did we get here, when will it be over, and why are you feeling deja vu?

A reader’s guide: 12 targets as House Democrats prepare to investigate the Trump administration

One incoming chairman says they won’t be handing out subpoenas like candy, but there is plenty to chew on.

Key Democrat wants to question whether Trump targeted CNN, Washington Post

Incoming Intelligence Committee chairman Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.) pointed to President Trump’s opposition to a merger for the network’s parent company and his call to raise postal rates for Amazon, whose owner also owns The Post.

Nadler: Whitaker will be first witness summoned by the Judiciary Committee

The Democratic lawmaker called the acting attorney general’s “expressed hostility” to the Russia probe a threat to the investigation’s integrity.

Michelle Obama is one of millions who silently struggled with infertility. Here’s why her broken silence could matter.

That this particular woman broached this subject could move the focus immediately to how public policy treats it.

This week brought some electoral breakthroughs for gun control advocates, and then yet another mass shooting

Instead of shying away from the guns issue for fear of the powerful pull of the National Rifle Association, Democrats put it front and center in their campaigns.

Remember the midterms?

Because news cycles are dizzying, it isn’t directly about the midterms results, but about what resulted from the midterms.

The Wisconsin and Michigan results are giving Democrats hope, and a potential focus, for 2020

Democrats bounced back from 2016 disappointments with major wins in Rust Belt states.

How to argue about whether these midterms were a ‘blue wave’

So, should winning the House with a substantial number of pickups, while losing ground in the Senate fit the criteria for a “blue wave?”

The Democrats’ Hail Marys: Where the last-minute money is going, and what that tells us about election night

In these races, almost no outside money had been spent until they tightened at the very end, according to a review of campaign finance reports.

SNL ‘ad’ nails Democrats’ cautious, anxious midterm optimism

Democrats have been burned before.

Warnings, celebrities and emotional appeals: Here are closing arguments ahead of midterm election

The final pitch to voters was made over the weekend.

Trump knows he should be talking more about the economy. He doesn’t seem to care.

With a nail-biter election days away, most presidents would only be talking about that.

An aide to Rep. Fortenberry made a stink about a Facebook like. Now the Ethics committee is involved.

To be a public official, you need a pretty thick skin. People are going to call you all sorts of names and pick apart your words and actions. But for a seven-term congressman who has surely heard this…

These four House races should have broken for Republicans by now. They haven’t.

Usually the “Democrat-curious” have come home at this point.

One of 2018′s hottest political trends: Publicly campaigning against your politician kin

A son and daughter speaking out against a Missouri state House candidate is just the latest example.