Trump complains about lack of funding for border wall in ‘ridiculous’ spending bill

A morning tweet injects further uncertainty into efforts to keep the government running beyond the end of the month.

Trump has decided to impose tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods in dramatic escalation of trade battle

The new tariffs on Chinese imports would apply to a vast number of consumer products, and companies could pass on higher costs to customers

Government borrowing soars despite robust economy

Politicians from both parties are proposing ideas that would further drive up the deficit.

Trump threatens Harley-Davidson with taxes ‘like never before’ and predicts its eventual collapse

The president blasted the Wisconsin firm for a plan to move some operations outside the United States as a way to avoid getting caught in an escalating trade war.

Trump accuses Canadian leader of being ‘dishonest’ and ‘weak’

Rancor toward Trudeau after G-7 summit leaves U.S. allies dismayed.

Trump breaks with decades of protocol with tweet before release of jobs report

Trump has cast aside traditions with such frequency that practices long considered taboo are now routine.

After ZTE reversal, Democrats accuse Trump of jeopardizing national security

Top Democrats wrote Trump’s plan would cast “grave doubt whether this Administration will put American jobs and national security first.”

Trump calls on Congress to pull back $15 billion in spending, including on Children’s Health Insurance Program.

A senior administration official said Democrats should recognize that much of the package represents untapped accounts.

Trump contradicts his Treasury Department, accuses China and Russia of currency cheating

“Russia and China are playing the Currency Devaluation game as the U.S. keeps raising interest rates. Not acceptable!” the president wrote on Twitter.

At G-20, Trump team shows no sign of backing off ‘America First’

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin parried numerous warnings from other global finance ministers during two-days of meetings.

Gary Cohn, Trump’s top economic adviser, to resign amid differences on trade policy

Cohn has long opposed the president’s planned tariffs, but Trump brushed aside his advice.

Watch Trump’s meeting with Republicans and Democrats on immigration

President Trump hosted Republican and Democratic lawmakers at the White House on Jan. 9 for talks on immigration policy.

White House confirms Trump to attend Davos gathering, synonymous with wealth and power

The gathering will place Trump deep in the belly of a European-flavored elite that has openly scorned the American as boorish or reckless.

Ryan: ‘This is a good day for America’

After the House passed Republicans’ tax overhaul on Dec. 19., House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) said the bill “is one of the most important pieces of legislation that Congress has passed in decades to help the American worker, to help grow the American economy.”

House Republicans praise GOP tax overhaul

Reps. Peter J. Roskam (R-Ill.), Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.) and Tom Reed (R-N.Y.) on Dec. 19 praised Republicans’ plan to overhaul the tax code before the House passed the bill.

Trump, at last, looks to notch a legislative win with tax bill. But can he redirect his presidency?

The expected passage of tax cuts would give Trump a boost, but whether he can get on firmer political ground is an open question.

As tax plan gained steam, GOP lost focus on the middle class

The final product is looking much different from what President Trump has been promising since the presidential campaign.

GOP tax plan in trouble after Republican senator says he won’t back it

A second senator said it was a ‘mistake’ for the bill to repeal a part of Obamacare.

GOP tax plan in trouble after Republican senator says he won’t back it

A second senator said it was a ‘mistake’ for the bill to repeal a part of Obamacare.

Brennan: ‘Trump can be played by foreign leaders’

Former CIA director John Brennan and other officials commented on President Trump’s response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s denials of campaign interference.