Battleground House districts remain close in new poll

The survey finds sharp partisan divisions on views of sexual assault accusations in the wake of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

For President Trump, it’s 2016 all over again

The president is campaigning across the country and talking nonstop. But how much will it help Republicans in November?

Midterm elections are likely to change the calculus for post-2020 Census redistricting

Gubernatorial and legislative races, along with ballot initiatives, could produce less partisan maps.

The Kavanaugh battle only magnified the nation’s divisions and may leave lasting scars

The impact will be felt in the midterm elections, at the Supreme Court and especially in the gender differences shaping the politics of the country.

A day of explosive testimony results in a partisan brawl

Ford and Kavanaugh offer conflicting accounts as senators square off against one another.

A chaotic opening to what could be a fateful week

Turmoil in Congress and the executive branch, spilling onto the Supreme Court, produce an overload of government’s circuits.

The Kavanaugh nomination is another big step in the politicization of the Supreme Court

The judicial branch was never free of politics, but things are different today and the Kavanaugh fight underscores it

A fresh look back at 2016 finds America with an identity crisis

Authors point to issues or race, religion, gender and ethnicity, not economic anxiety, as the factors that brought President Trump to the White House.

Forget the House. It’s the battle for the Senate that could provide the most drama on election night.

High stakes and lots of close races spread across the nation’s time zones means the Senate races will have plenty to offer on Nov. 6.

8 questions for the midterm elections: A blue wave or not?

The Democrats hope to take control of the House, and Republicans think they’ll hold the Senate. Those are just some of the dynamics that will play out over the next two months.

Impeachment talk has perils for both parties

The passing of John McCain also marks the passing of an era

McCain leaves behind a giant legacy and a challenge to a different generation.

Trump’s Midwest is a gubernatorial battleground in 2018

Democrats eye possible gains in states where Trump secured his electoral college victory. But Republicans are offering stiff resistance.

After two convictions, pressure mounts on Trump

Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort face prison as Mueller investigation continues on its path.

Former intelligence officials bite back after Trump goes after Brennan’s clearance

Those who have seen presidents through times of crisis offer a harsh rebuke of Trump’s political use of his powers.

For Pawlenty, defeat in Minnesota in a party dominated by Trump

The former governor was the heavy favorite for the GOP gubernatorial nomination. It turned out he was the wrong candidate in the wrong year.

Obama and Trump both bent demographic trends to win. Can Trump repeat in 2020?

Racial and generational politics have shaped the past three elections; 2020 won’t be any different.

Georgia’s gubernatorial race may be the purest example of politics in the Trump era

The contest pits Trumpian Republican Brian Kemp against liberal Democrat Stacey Abrams. Can she make history in a red state undergoing a political transition?

Dan Coats showed what working for Trump means: The doctrine of constant surprises

Trump operates on his own, and advisers are left to clean up, catch up or just shake their heads with the rest of the world.

After a jaw-dropping news conference, what does ‘America First’ really mean?

The Helsinki news conference was the most memorable of the Trump presidency — which is saying something.