Has the political climate improved, marginally, for Republicans?

No one doubts Democrats will record gains in the House this November, but there’s fresh debate about what some recent statistics say about the midterm elections.

Ohio: A political landscape upended by President Trump

Tuesday’s primaries will offer clues as to how both parties are navigating the new Trumpian environment

The president and his attorney didn’t tell the truth. Now Giuliani has. Will that change anything?

Giuliani’s disclosures about Trump hush money separate truth from lies.

The president and his attorney didn’t tell the truth. Now Giuliani has. Will that change anything?

Giuliani’s disclosures about Trump hush money separate truth from lies.

Poll: Democrats’ advantage in midterm election support is shrinking

The gap among registered voters is tightening as President Trump’s low approval rating inches up. Gun policy could be a wild card in House elections, the poll shows.

More popular vote-electoral college splits may be in our future

Democrats are banking on changing demographics going their way, but nothing is for certain, according to new study.

The opening act was tumultuous. Phase two of Trump’s presidency could be even more so.

The president is flying solo, repopulating his teamand getting ready for some of the biggest challenges — personal and policy — yet.

Will Trump face a primary challenge in 2020? Would it matter if he does?

Jeff Flake’s New Hampshire visit stokes speculation of an intraparty battle, but Trump is redefining the GOP in his image.

From Pennsylvania, one more message to shake any complacent Republicans

Candidates and campaigns matter. Fundamentals often matter more. Which is why Republicans are on the defensive.

Trump promised this kind of presidency — unpredictable, ad hoc and impulsive

On trade and North Korea, the instinct-driven president raises the stakes on himself.

Redistricting battles heighten the stakes for 2018 gubernatorial races

Pennsylvania’s fight becomes a symbol to both sides for why governors will matter after the 2020 Census.

Australian prime minister delivers forceful defense of free trade

A day after meeting with President Trump, Malcolm Turnbull also said national security and open borders are not mutually exclusive.

More governors willing to consider gun law changes after Florida shooting

Discussions came as students and grieving families continued to push lawmakers to pass new measures to address the murders of 17 students and faculty members at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Romney faces complicated path as he begins run for Senate seat

What motivates him, at age 70 and with two dozen grandchildren, to decide to submit himself to the rigors and occasional tedium of a statewide campaign in Utah?

Tom Ridge is lucky to be alive: ‘I’m told I flatlined three times.’

A near-death experience has given the former homeland security secretary fresh perspective on life and living.

Mueller’s new indictments put the pressure on Trump to act

Russian meddling is laid bare by the special counsel. Does the president have a plan to counter the threat in the future?

White House under John Kelly is not so calm and competent after all

The chief of staff draws fire after a week of turmoil, mixed messages and recriminations.

This is the week that the GOP truly became the party of Trump

From the enthusiasm at the State of the Union to the Nunes memo, Republicans have gone all in with the president.

A call for unity against a backdrop of controversy and division

President Trump appealed for “common ground” in his State of the Union, but controversies of his own making continue to define his administration.

Gerrymandering is the root of all political evil. Or is it?

A new study challenges the idea that ending gerrymandering will cure what ails democracy — and shows there is no perfect way to draw congressional districts.