Trump says Kim Jong Un ‘serious’ about nuclear talks, but suggests summit could fall through

‘Things may not work out’ for the historic meeting in Singapore on June 12

Trump to meet South Korea’s Moon amid signs that partnership is faltering on North Korea

Pyongyang’s recent hostile rhetoric has renewed concerns at the White House that Kim Jong Un is not serious about denuclearization ahead of Singapore summit.

Trump, South Korean leader commiserate over upcoming summit

The president sought Moon Jae-in’s interpretation of North Korea’s shift to a harder-line position on denuclearization.

‘World’s most expensive Witch Hunt’: Trump lashes out at NYT, Democrats

Trump fired off tweets in response to a report that campaign representatives met with an emissary from Persian Gulf nations in 2016.

Melania Trump released from hospital, returns to White House in ‘high spirits’

The first lady spent five nights at Walter Reed medical center for a procedure to treat a benign kidney condition

Trump offers reassurance that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un would remain in power under nuclear deal

The president’s public statement appeared aimed at ensuring that Pyongyang does not follow through on threats to pull out of Singapore summit in June

‘Diplotainment at its pinnacle’: Critics fear Trump’s style eclipses substance on North Korea

Threats by Pyongyang this week to scuttle a nuclear summit underscore the risks involved in Trump’s approach.

Trump suggests Justice Department investigate Oakland’s Democratic mayor for tipping off immigrants

The president contended that Mayor Libby Schaaf had obstructed justice by tweeting about an impending raid by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Trump offers hero’s welcome to three Americans freed by North Korea

The president’s decision to greet them at airport illustrated the political importance of their release as a sign that his high-stakes diplomatic gambit is paying off

Trump to announce decision on Iran deal Tuesday

Trump has continued to rail against the agreement, which was also signed by five other nations, including China, Russia and Britain.

Trump reaches out to Otto Warmbier’s family, offers support ahead of North Korea summit

The president has made Warmbier’s death after 17 months in captivity in North Korea an important element in his ‘maximum pressure’ campaign

‘Stay tuned!’: Trump and advisers treat fate of North Korea prisoners as a cliffhanger

Casual public comments from the president and his surrogates on three Americans held in labor camps has broken precedent for delicate negotiations on detainees.

Trump: U.S. troop withdrawal from South Korea is not on the table — for now

The president said he won’t offer to remove troops during his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un but said he would like to save money in the future

Trump becomes more dovish toward North Korea, but surrounds himself with hawks

He developed war plans to obliterate North Korea. Now Adm. Harry Harris could play key role in Trump’s diplomatic gambit.

Trump floats idea of meeting Kim on the border of Koreas in hopes of ‘a great celebration’

White House aides had been eyeing third-party countries, such as Singapore, for the historic summit, but the president sees a bigger theater in demilitarized zone.

‘Any Hispanics in the room?’: In South Florida, Trump reaches out to Hispanic voters who are receptive to his message

The president’s popularity remains low among many immigrant communities, but those with Cuban and Venezuelan roots were more supportive during a tax reform event

Trump, Abe to meet as U.S.-Japan relationship shows strains over North Korea, trade

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is set to arrive Tuesday at President Trump’s winter resort in Palm Beach, Fla., for two days of meetings.

‘Air Force Un’: As North Korea’s leader steps onto international stage, a question over his ability to fly

North Korea’s fleet of Soviet-era and older model planes has some wondering if Kim Jong Un would be able to take one of his own jets to a potential summit with President Trump outside the region.

Trump heats up rhetoric on border, immigration as some supporters grow impatient

Trump has again fanned fears that U.S. immigration policies have weakened the country and led to public safety risks, even though illegal immigration is at some of the lowest levels in years.

No location, no agenda: Trump administration scrambles for North Korea talks

Fundamental questions, including location, remain unresolved after the president’s abrupt decision to meet with dictator Kim Jong Un.