Democratic Governors Association raises $100 million ahead of midterms

The Democratic Governors Association will announce today that it raised more than $100 million for the 2018 midterm cycle, with $22.2 million of it coming in September — the largest haul ever for an o…

The Trailer: Where Democratic strategists and donors differ

In this edition: Very special candidates, money in all the right places, must-win races that Democrats aren’t winning, and a way-too-early 2020 assessment.

The Trailer: Five lessons from a nasty debate season

In this edition: Five lessons from debate season, Bernie Sanders and his discontents, and the Kavanaugh conundrum for Tennessee (and West Virginia) Democrats.

Tennessee Democrat says the Senate should consider any future Trump court nominees

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Phil Bredesen, the Democratic nominee in a competitive race for the U.S. Senate here, told reporters that he would not block future nominees for the Supreme Court if his party held…

The Trailer: How eight years – and President Trump – have changed the GOP’s tune on Medicare

In this edition: The party of Medicare, the persistence of Trump in blue states, the legal marijuana boom, and the Chapo vote.

The Trailer: The Invisible Primary is underway in Iowa

In this issue: Democrats rediscover Iowa, people start voting in the midterms, House candidates ignore Kavanaugh, and red districts turn pink not blue.

‘We have so much pain’: Cory Booker makes 2020 Iowa debut

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) speaks to Iowa Democrats in wake of court fight.

The Trailer: Does Trump make it harder to run against scandal?

In this edition: The new rules of scandal, the rise of “liberal smears,” the gap that dare not speak its name, and the people who want a more accountable swamp.

The Trailer: Democrats are breaking fundraising records. Republicans blame ‘outsiders.’

In this edition: Democrats piling up donations, single-payer future shock, Heidary Clintkamp, and the eternal search for the Democratic Party’s future.

The Trailer: Republicans say they’re optimistic in House races. Democrats are acting like it

Republicans are pulling money out of races in districts won by Hillary Clinton to spend it in more GOP-heavy areas, a sign of triage that suggests Democratic advantages across the suburbs.

The Trailer: The GOP embraces the Trumpian ‘what about’ pivot

In this edition: Ellison, Polis and Cárdenas; Newsom and the gas tax; the Tea Party time warp; Kavanaugh in other races.

The Trailer: Heidi, Joe, and Joe

In this edition: The Kavanaugh problem for red state Democrats, Rick Scott hitting red tides in Florida, health-care double-talk, and how to Be A Hero.

The Trailer: No Sleep Till the Senate Judiciary Hearing

In this edition: Kavanaugh, Kavanaugh, Kavanaugh; Cruz’s tweet; blue tides in Iowa; Rick Scott stuck in the algae.

The Trailer: How Texas Republicans beat the blue wave

In this edition: a victory for Texas Republicans, a new GOP ad buy in Trump country, a surprising poll in Minnesota, and an interview with the man who wants to put Democrats in charge of the states again.

The Trailer: Brett Kavanaugh and the case of the missing fan club

In this edition: Kavanaugh slogs, Democrats win the primaries, Kathy Griffin re-emerges in attack ads, Mike Bloomberg misses Charlie Rose.

Republicans want to run on Medicare. Democrats say bring it on.

The attacks are audacious but not new.

Contractors sue non-partisan group No Labels

Contractors accuse No Labels of dumping them to benefit Mark Penn.

New York primary: Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo defeats Cynthia Nixon after move to the left

Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo dispatches more-liberal Democratic challenger and will face rematch with Republican Allan Fung

For Andrew M. Cuomo, a difficult campaign may usher in a complicated third term

The two-term governor is favored over activist Cynthia Nixon, but his Albany allies down the ballot face stiffer liberal challenges.