EPA scraps pair of air pollution science panels

The Trump administration’s decision is part of a wider plan to change the way the agency reviews science.

The Energy 202: Trump puts former BP oil spill lawyer in charge of environmental law enforcement

Democrats said he’s the wrong person for the job.

The Energy 202: Trump blames Democrat Bill Nelson for ‘no help’ on toxic algae — right before he voted to help

The vote was yesterday.

The Energy 202: Iowans were hit hard by tariffs. Trump’s new ethanol policy may help Republicans in the midterms.

The president used his policy announcement to stump for Iowa Republicans in tight races.

The Energy 202: Murkowski is taking heat for her Kavanaugh vote. But her support for Arctic drilling could help her.

The senator has brought home a big win.

The Energy 202: The clock is ticking to stop catastrophic global warming, top climate scientists say

The U.N. just released a new climate change report. The news isn’t good.

The Energy 202: Don’t forget about Kavanaugh’s environmental record

It could be a game-changer.

The Energy 202: This panel rejected Trump’s plan to save coal. Now one of the officials involved may join it.

There’s a new FERC nominee.

The Energy 202: Big oil and gas companies are winners in Trump’s new trade deal

They had been worried.

The Energy 202: Republicans and Democrats both like this conservation fund. But they just let it just expire.

They couldn’t reach a compromise to keep even this popular part of the government running.

The Energy 202: Trump has dismissed climate change as ‘nonsense.’ His administration just said otherwise.

The administration predicts a 7-degree rise in global temperatures this century.

The Energy 202: Lawmakers approve more money for Energy Department than Trump wanted — again

The department has been funded for 12 months.

The Energy 202: Republicans rev up calls to rewrite Endangered Species Act

They’re spurred by recent court decisions about grizzly bears and gray wolves.

The Energy 202: Trump again bashes Germany for Russian pipeline — this time to chuckles

It’s not a new line of attack.

The Energy 202: North Carolina floods thrust Trump coal deregulation back into spotlight

The Trump administration has sought to relax rules on the way coal ash is stored.

The Energy 202: Trump’s EPA is targeting rules for yet another greenhouse gas

This time it’s HFCs.

The Energy 202: North Dakota Senate candidates feud over who deserves credit for lifting crude oil ban

Cramer and Heiktamp are in a tight race.

The Energy 202: Democrats really wanted Scott Pruitt gone. Now what?

They might not like Andrew Wheeler much better.

The Energy 202: Hurricane Florence blows hole in Trump team’s case for helping coal and nuclear power, critics say

It shows there are a lot of factors that affect grid reliability.

The Energy 202: Climate conference shows divide among Democrats over how to counter global warming

For Gov. Brown, Trump is the enemy. For some protesters, it’s Brown.