The Energy 202: Why climate scientists want to be thought of as the real ‘climate skeptics’

They say the label “skeptic” should be reserved for those truly interested in testing hypotheses in order to find the truth.

The Energy 202: Scott Pruitt came closer than ever to admitting mistakes. Democrats say it’s not enough.

“As I look back on those decisions, I would not make the same decisions again,” the EPA chief told senators.

The Energy 202: Wilbur Ross declined to endorse his own department’s climate science findings

The Commerce Secretary did not defend the work of NOAA’s climate scientists.

The Energy 202: Older and younger GOP voters don’t agree on climate change

That could mean different policies for future Republican leaders.

The Energy 202: Coal allies call on Trump administration to use emergency powers to boost business

Critics say that saving these plants is not actually a national security imperative.

The Energy 202: Mothers lobbied Scott Pruitt to ban a toxic chemical. Two days later, EPA signaled it would.

The chemical used in paint strippers has been linked to dozens of deaths.

The Energy 202: Scott Pruitt’s ‘red team-blue team’ debate prep largely left out mainstream climate scientists

Here are some highlights from a new cache of EPA emails.

Emails show EPA turned to climate skeptics to craft ‘red team-blue team’ exercise

Pruitt mainly relied on conservative advocates rather than career staffers who traditionally identify scientific research priorities for the agency.

The Energy 202: New York vows to continue climate work without Schneiderman

The work will go on.

The Energy 202: How Don Blankenship courted controversy through his whole coal career

Blankenship has a shot at winning Tuesday’s Republican primary for the U.S. Senate.

The Energy 202: Gas prices are going up. Trump’s Iran decision could make them climb even higher.

Motorists are getting ready for summer.

The Energy 202: Three senior Scott Pruitt aides resigned from the EPA this week

The departures come as federal investigators scrutinize the EPA chief’s spending and management decisions.

The Energy 202: Interior agency blocks group of archaeologists from attending scientific conference

Some groups say it’s an example of the Trump Interior Department’s effort to restrict researchers’ scientific communications.

The Energy 202: Government watchdog investigating controversial EPA tweet, union says

AFGE Council 238 filed a Hatch Act complaint about the tweet.

The Energy 202: Trump administration drafts plan to challenge California on auto emissions standards

A not-yet-final document suggests the administration is poised to make significant changes over the next decade.

The Energy 202: Trump’s new rules make it easier for energy companies to escape penalties for killing birds

Accidentally killing birds no longer breaks the law.

The Energy 202: Trump team’s skimpy record-keeping raises flags with Interior watchdog

The office of the inspector general could not determine whether a controversial mass transfer of senior employees was legal, due to poor record-keeping.

Investigators: Interior’s poor record-keeping makes it impossible to tell if mass employee transfer was legal

The investigation began after Democratic lawmakers raised concerns about Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s mass transfer of SES personnel.

The Energy 202: Key Senate Republican decries EPA leaks as Pruitt’s troubles mount

John Barrasso isn’t happy with two Senate Democrats.

The Energy 202: Republicans are deeply divided as Scott Pruitt’s troubles mount

The pressure to take a stand will only intensify.