Taxpayers spent nearly $300K since 2003 to settle House sexual harassment claims

A House panel released new figures showing that member offices reached three settlements between 2003 and 2007 involving claims of sexual harassment or sex discrimination.

State of the Union guests to highlight sexual harassment, assault debate

Democratic women lawmakers are working to bring activists, writers and victims of misconduct to the president’s speech later this month.

Female Democrats plan sexual harassment protest for Trump’s State of the Union

Members are urging their colleagues to wear black, echoing a demonstration of solidarity by female actors at the recent Golden Globe Awards.

Graham urges Trump to clarify Iran strategy

The South Carolina senator says Trump’s tweets supporting the Iranian people are not enough.

‘You just can’t tweet here’: Graham urges Trump to lay out Iran strategy

“We’ve got a chance here to deliver some fatal blows to really bad actors in 2018, but if we blink, God help us all,” Graham said on CBS.

Farenthold investigation to look into possible false statements, misuse of resources

The congressman from Texas recently announced he will not run for reelection amid allegations he mistreated staffers. He settled with a former aide who accused him of sexual harassment in 2014.

Treasury fund settled only one sexual misconduct complaint against senatorial offices since 1997, data shows

The disclosure represented the Senate’s first effort to be transparent about its taxpayer-funded settlements since the arrangements began receiving scrutiny this fall.