Georgia voter registrations being held reinforces black Americans’ fears about voting rights

Concerns about voter registration in Georgia affirm black voters fears about voting rights.

Trump seems to think Kanye West speaks for black Americans. But Kanye speaks for Kanye.

For Trump and his supporters, due process gives way to ‘Lock her up!’

President Trump wants the men he supports to get “due process,” but the same rules don’t apply for women who criticize him.

Trump and the GOP are playing ‘the man card’ headed into the midterms

The message seems to have resonated with some constituencies key to the GOP’s electoral success.

The GOP can’t decide if celebrities should be ignored or given a seat at the table

Kanye West’s support is welcomed, but Taylor Swift is seen as an elitist in an “ivory tower.”

President Trump, ‘angry mobs’ and ‘very fine people’

Trump is dismissing some Americans as angry mobs while ignoring and praising actual angry mobs.

Trump uses Kavanaugh to embrace another culture war: The backlash to #MeToo and changing gender norms

Trump’s attacks on Blasey Ford are just the latest battle in a much larger war for him.

Republicans are calling themselves Atticus Finch. But it’s hard to square Kavanaugh with Tom Robinson.

GOP lawmaker thinks his party is defending a man unfairly attacked because of his identity

Mitch McConnell says Republican senators will not be bullied or intimidated by anti-Kavanaugh protesters

The Senate majority leader reminds voters that protesters are not going to change Republicans leaders’ minds.

Trump says men don’t feel safe from false persecution. That’s not a new feeling — for black men.

Trump fails to take in account how differently white and black men have been treated throughout history.

Amid allegations against Kavanaugh, worry about the future of boys and men

One of the factors in determining how different groups have reacted to the Kavanaugh nomination fight was who they were most concerned about when considering the long-term implications. For many Republicans and conservatives, it was the impact on men that was top of mind.

Trump still doesn’t get why black voters aren’t supporting him

The president seems to have no interest in bringing black voters to the GOP.

Trump seems oblivious to his own problems with women — and how they’re affecting his party

Trump doesn’t seem to get it.

The virginity defense is a reminder of our ignorance about sexual violence

Someone can abstain from sexual intercourse yet still commit a sexual assault.

Texas Senate campaign reveals the differing views of Beto O’Rourke and Ted Cruz on race in America

Race relations is emerging as a primary issue in the campaign for Cruz’s Senate seat.

Amid Kavanaugh allegations, some evangelical leaders focus more on the courts

Response from some evangelical leaders to Kavanaugh allegations disappointing to many Christian women.

Ron DeSantis controversies likely hurting him with minority voters. But that may not mean much.

The latest Ron DeSantis story will make it even harder for people of color to back the Republican candidate.

Sarah Sanders: ‘Not true’ that Trump always sides with men in cases of sexual misconduct allegations

Has ‘drive-by shooting’ replaced ‘high-tech lynching?’

Once again, conservatives compare sexual assault allegations to violence against the accused.

Trump jokes that he ‘better win the Hispanics next time.’ He’d have to give up his base to do that.

Trump doesn’t seem to understand why his olive branches to the Hispanic community are insufficient.