The White House seems to think it’s impossible for Trump to be racist if black unemployment is low

While jobs and the economy are high priorities for black voters, they are not the only priorities.

Trump’s response to Omarosa continues a pattern some find concerning

Many black women have long felt uniquely disrespected by President Trump.

Counterprotesters during Unite the Right rally showed that there are many fine people on one side

White supremacists found themselves greatly outnumbered on Aug. 12.

Why Omarosa’s comments about Trump and race will have little impact

For most black voters, there isn’t much value in Manigault Newman speaking up now. They needed her to speak up during the campaign.

Trump tweeted that most NFL players are ‘unable to define’ why they’re protesting. Here’s where they have.

The truth is NFL players have been explaining the reasons for their protest at length, on many platforms, and in pretty clear terms, for years.

Laura Ingraham tries to walk back her ‘demographic changes’ monologue — but doesn’t apologize

Ingraham seems to be following one of President Trump’s key rules for dealing with conflict, which is to never apologize. And ideally, to double down when criticized.

Laura Ingraham’s ‘demographic changes’ monologue is a rallying cry to Trump’s base

Ingraham articulates the “cultural anxiety” of Trump supporters headed into the midterms.

There’s optimism college students could deliver in Ohio in the fall. Is that realistic?

The return of young voters from summer break could influence this very close election.

How the Trump era gave us Congress’s first Muslim woman

The election of Rashida Tlaib could be culture-shaping.

Trump challenges traditional GOP antipathy to Russia — and Rand Paul is an ally

The black unemployment rate is down, but Black Women’s Equal Pay Day is putting a spotlight on wage inequities

The unemployment numbers look encouraging, but black women still get the short end of the stick.

The number of Republicans who think there’s a lot of discrimination is plummeting

More and more conservatives don’t recognize discrimination.

Trump’s favorite response to black critics: Question their intelligence

Trump rarely entertains black Americans’ points.

Black pastors not likely to change black Americans’ low approval of Trump

Most black Christians did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016.

What vitriol toward the media and Jim Acosta shows about Trump’s base

A group whose cultural anxieties drove them to the polls are perpetuating anxiety

Jeff Sessions’s new task force will hearten conservative Christians. A lot of other groups are worried.

Questions remain about the true purpose of the Religious Liberty Task Force.

Why LeBron James — and others — believe Donald Trump has used to sports to divide Americans

Historically, sports have united Americans. Some say that has changed under Trump.

Pompeo takes Trump’s word on the Putin meeting. Not many people would.

Attempts to get details haven’t been fruitful for the press, Congress or even some members of the president’s Cabinet.

Another poll shows approval of Trump among women on the decline

The Trump campaign continues to struggle with female voters.

A revealing aside in the Trump tape sheds light on the limits of his outreach to black voters

Critics often accused Trump of “using” black surrogates to connect with the electorate