Trump announces he will nominate acting Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie to become department’s permanent leader

Trump named Wilkie VA’s acting secretary in March, upon firing David Shulkin.

Giuliani: Trump doesn’t know ‘for sure’ that there was an FBI informant in his campaign

Trump has repeatedly accused the FBI of placing “an embedded informant” inside his presidential campaign to improperly spy on him.

Trump says he will continue to insist on denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula

The president said North Korea has not directly told the White House that it wants to change or cancel a summit planned for June 12, so he has not made any decisions.

Melania Trump hospitalized, undergoes medical procedure ‘to treat a benign kidney condition’

The first lady is expected to remain at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for the rest of the week, according to her communications director.

Trump uses rallies to tell his supporters to vote for him — even if other names are on the ballot

The president is revving up voters for midterm elections, but his pitch has little to do with the candidates he’s endorsing. His presidency is under attack, he tells thousands of fans, and the only way to protect him and his agenda is to elect Republicans.

At Indiana rally, Trump stays on message with an eye on midterms

President backs “great businessman” Mike Braun, and warns against reelection of Democrat “Sleepy Joe” Donnelly.

Who should lead the VA? Five veterans explain what they’re looking for in a leader.

OF AMERICA | Millions of veterans rely on the agency — which is second in size to only the Defense Department —for medical care.

Pence’s tone toward refugees, oppressed contrasts with Trump’s harsher rhetoric

Throughout the vice president’s whirlwind 26-hour visit to Lima over the weekend, he repeatedly struck a compassionate tone as he described the suffering of people around the world, especially in Venezuela and Syria, and he talked about the United States’ moral obligation to help others.

Five Americans explain the burst of enthusiasm for Democratic candidates and causes

Trump and his policies have prompted engagement on the left, with protests and electoral wins.

An airing of grievances: Trump spends days issuing a torrent of complaints against foes

The president’s venting on immigration, China and other issues has seemed excessive — even for him.

As Stormy Daniels tells her story, six conservative Americans debate whether Trump is a role model

Sixty-one percent of Republicans consider the president a good role model for children. We talked to six conservatives about their views.

In a burst of tweets, Trump insists that he’s happy with his legal team

President Trump ran through a litany of topics in a series of tweets early Sunday, bouncing from an attack by a gunman in France to his plans for a border wall to his personal legal team.

Trump congratulates Putin on his reelection, discusses U.S.-Russian ‘arms race’

The U.S. president said he hopes to meet with Putin “in the not-too-distant future.”

Christopher Liddell named White House deputy chief of staff for policy coordination

Liddell, a former executive at Microsoft and General Motors, previously oversaw technology, innovation and deregulation efforts.

What the post-Parkland debate on guns means, from six Americans

As the country grapples with its relationship with guns, six Americans share their experiences and views.

‘I love this place.’ Trump campaigns for Pa. candidate but keeps spotlight on himself

Trump has long portrayed himself as a visionary who can achieve things no one else is capable of achieving. But by branding himself as one-of-a-kind, Trump has made it difficult to convince his followers to believe in anyone but himself.

Trump rolls out tariff policies like a reality show — complete with cliffhangers

“The people in the building have no idea what’s about to happen,” one donor said of the White House.

Trump casually threatens to pull ICE officers out of California to teach the state a lesson

California lawmakers have designated the entire state a sanctuary for some undocumented immigrants — angering the president.

‘Fix it’: Students and parents tell Trump he needs to address gun violence at schools

The 70-minute listening session with students, parents and teachers was a remarkable event with participants’ raw emotions often on display.

Ivanka Trump plans to focus on U.S. athletes, not North Korea, during trip to Winter Olympics

The president’s daughter was involved with the effort to bring the 2028 Summer Games to Los Angeles and was described by White House officials as a “winter sports enthusiast.”