Foreign Service leadership being ‘decapitated’ and ‘depleted at a dizzying speed’

American Foreign Service Association President Barbara Stephenson is cautioning against “mounting threats to our institution.

House takes up sexual abuse by its own

Belatedly, society, including Congress, is coming to realize this abuse of power must stop.

Court rejects ouster of No. 2 leader from largest federal union

U.S. District Court orders official’s reinstatement because the committee recommending his dismissal was tainted by the chairman’s bias.

IRS chief departs, blasting Congress for budget cuts threatening tax agency

If the IRS fails “and people are looking for fault, it will be the fault of the Congress … I am blaming Congress,” John Koskinen said.

Veterans tell of medical marijuana use in defiance of backward federal policy

Department of Veterans Affairs doctors are not allowed to discuss medical cannabis with patients, even though almost two-thirds of Americans live where states and the District allow it.

Trump jokes that his mother would have never thought he’d be president

Hock E. Tan, president of tech company Broadcom, said at the White House on Nov. 2 that his “mother could never have imagined” that he would stand in the Oval Office one day. “And my mother too,” President Trump said.

Survey says veterans strongly back legalizing medical marijuana

A survey released by the American Legion indicates that an overwhelming majority support legalization of the drug for medical purposes.