Trump’s disruption of government could aid top federal employees, survey says

In the hands of effective civil service managers, disruption when political appointees aren’t in place can be a good thing, the survey found.

On eve of feds’ giving deadline, charities fear more decline in donations

There’s been a long slide in participation. That shows no sign of turning around.

Pro- and anti-Trump labor leaders call for more border security staffers

Union representatives complained at a House hearing that there are too few people protecting the border, causing employees to work too long in often hazardous conditions.

ICE fires back at Pro-Trump union leader who bashed agency and president’s pick for its chief

ICE union president said agency managers laughed at the labor organization, saying “Trump used you and threw you away like trash when he was done with you.”

If 2017 posed problems for feds, 2018 could be worse with attacks on pay, benefits

If 2017, with President Trump’s hiring freeze and political machinations, posed difficulties for federal employees, 2018 could be worse. They did get a 1.9 percent pay raise this year, but now administration officials are considering a wage freeze and are attacking government data indicating that federal pay lags far behind that of the private sector. […]

Federal agency reports show ‘continuum of harm’ from workplace sexual misconduct

Perpetrators often are multiple offenders and survivors live with the emotional strain long after the deed.

Trump labor adviser’s plan for cutting federal compensation, potentially even paid holidays

The Trump administration’s consideration of a wage freeze for federal employees is one piece of a renewed multifront Republican push to shrink those workers’ pay, benefits and workforce. That effort has been around for years, but it now has an intellectual champion in the White House, and I don’t mean President Trump. Confidential administration information […]

Democrats say Trump to seek federal pay freeze and cuts to domestic security

The administration’s proposals were leaked by a whistle blower.

Federal report finds regression for black managers in financial services industry

While overall diversity increased, the percentage of black managers dropped, the report found.

Open season for feds closes Monday. It’s not too late to consider health plans.

The bottom line? Don’t wait.

Top federal civil servants honored with presidential awards

The Senior Executives Association (SEA) honored the 2016 and 2017 Presidential Rank Award winners Thursday.

Despite Trump, federal employee morale improves under Trump

The Best Places to Work in the Federal Government rankings released Wednesday indicate that, with notable exceptions, the federal government is a better place to work since Trump took office.

Mostly white male tech sector needs government help on diversity

Government watchdog report says agencies can do more to help change the face of the industry.

Mostly white male tech sector needs government help on diversity

Government watchdog report says agencies can do more to help change the face of the industry.

Hill’s workplace rights agency points to Congress for lack of transparency

The congressional Office of Compliance was largely unknown before the current tsunami of sexual misconduct allegations hit Congress

Appeals agency backlog reflects Trump’s foot-dragging on appointments, hindering services

The Merits System Protection Board is stagnant, because the three-member body only has one member.

Foreign Service leadership being ‘decapitated’ and ‘depleted at a dizzying speed’

American Foreign Service Association President Barbara Stephenson is cautioning against “mounting threats to our institution.

House takes up sexual abuse by its own

Belatedly, society, including Congress, is coming to realize this abuse of power must stop.

Court rejects ouster of No. 2 leader from largest federal union

U.S. District Court orders official’s reinstatement because the committee recommending his dismissal was tainted by the chairman’s bias.

IRS chief departs, blasting Congress for budget cuts threatening tax agency

If the IRS fails “and people are looking for fault, it will be the fault of the Congress … I am blaming Congress,” John Koskinen said.