Pay freeze, retirement cuts trump discussion of president’s management agenda

Even President Trump can have a decent thought now and then. Take his President’s Management Agenda, which outlines ideas to improve the federal government.  The chapters cover general themes that any administration could endorse, such as “Improving Customer Experience with Federal Services,” “Getting Payments Right” and “Sharing Quality Services.” Decorated with color photos of happy […]

Senators, watchdog hit Social Security over closed offices, poor service

Social Security has closed about 125 field offices since 2000.

Trumps aides defend pay freeze and retirement cuts, but raise questions

Officials discuss the need to attract the young and talented, with no acknowledgment that freezing pay and cutting benefits might do just the opposite.

Trump thanks federal employees with $143.5 billion in retirement cuts

Office of Personnel Management Director Jeff T. H. Pon sent a letter to Speaker Paul Ryan.

Feds can be fired for ‘dishonest conduct’ like Trump’s, who could learn from honored employees

Many feds deserve to be in the news for the incredible work they do.

Feds can be fired for ‘dishonest conduct’ like Trump’s, who could learn from honored employees

Many feds deserve to be in the news for the incredible work they do.

Pompeo knows to boost morale; boosting foreign aid also should be on his agenda

Under Republicans and Democrats, the U.S. has provided much less for international aid than many believe, and much of what the nation does spend is for American goods and services.

New OPM chief presses for civil service overhaul, but administration is less interested in diversity

Jeff Pon is determined to have a proposal done by the midterm elections. Meanwhile, the Trump administration says little about diversity and inclusion in the federal workforce.

Trump administration puts civil service overhaul on fast track

OPM director, Jeff T.H. Pon said he is “really looking at wholesale change” in areas including hiring and compensation.

New museum chief fiercely promotes African art, but faces a more prosaic problem at home

Augustus (Gus) Casely-Hayford faces challenges because African culture too often has been overlooked or denigrated, if not stolen, in a European-centric environment and his museum’s attendance is falling.

Opponents ready to fight Trump’s plan to repeal Obama’s ‘rethink’ of school discipline

The future of the progressive Obama-era policy looks uncertain amid Trump’s push to “harden” our schools.

ATF’s problem of ‘lost, stolen, or missing’ guns has gotten better, but it’s still a problem

A watchdog report also found record-keeping deficiencies, storage shortcomings and sloppiness with guns.

Short staffing leads to long waits for Social Security disability hearing decisions

The current number of pending hearings is under 986,000 and the average wait for a hearing decision is 600 days.

Spending measure could disrupt Trump’s plans to cut agencies

The omnibus spending plan provides a clear declaration that he cannot act alone. It is Congress that creates and eliminates.

IRS, punished under Obama by GOP, still feels the sting

You’d think there’d be enough room in a $1.3 trillion spending plan to fund all the folks needed to bring in the money. But maybe not, especially if a Republican controlled Congress feels like the Internal Revenue Service isn’t ready for a full reprieve from the woodshed.

Security clearance process remains ‘broken’ despite 2016 changes

Among the list of problems beleaguering the security clearance process, reciprocity, among and even within agencies, should be easy to fix. Federal employees and contractors can be cleared to work in one office, but if they move to another, they often must be cleared again.

Trump administration escalates attack on federal unions with one-sided ‘agreement’ at Education

The Education Department is attempting to enforce a “collective bargaining agreement” on a union that does not agree.

Sunshine Week is turbid under Trump

“At the White House and in many agencies, transparency seems to be perceived as an enemy, rather than an indispensable ally in the service of safeguarding our democracy,” one transparency advocate says.

Social Security is now headless because of Trump’s inaction. Will other agencies be decapitated?

While President Trump has been slow to nominate people to top positions, federal law limits the time officials can serve in an “acting” capacity.

Role of Social Security acting chief violated law after Nov. 17, president told

GAO report said the Social Security Administration is in violation of federal law on vacant positions.