Correctional officers, dad of one who was slain fight Trump’s budget plan

The Trump administration’s budget request for fiscal 2018 included a decrease of 6,132 Bureau of Prisons slots. The 2019 budget request calls for a decrease of 1,168.

USDA staffer shocks agency with public admission about sex for promotion

Agriculture Department employee was placed on administrative leave after she unexpectedly told her story at a Black History Month event.

Trump plan to eliminate agencies leaves questions; budget also hits federal unions

The budget proposal shows 62 federal programs would be eliminated through zero funding.

Is Trump joking about ‘strengthening the federal workforce’

A better title for the appendix in the Trump administration’s budget plan would be “Picking the Pockets of Federal employees.”

Feds escape shutdown on Friday only to face perils of budget on Monday

Trump reportedly wants to install a broad pay-for-performance system, a version of which had fared poorly during the George W. Bush administration.

Unions vow to fight Trump’s pay-for-performance plan for federal employees

Labor leaders say pay-for-performance allows discrimination and makes it easier to diminish federal pay.

OPM launched surprise hit on certain federal retirees, then tried to stop watchdog’s report

The Office of Personnel Management sought to quash a report that it increased payments to divorced spouses of federal employees from their annuities without advance notice.