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With the midterm election only weeks away, the shape of U.S. House districts is again front-and-center in political conversation.

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New election poll shows Democratic voters are more engaged and Democratic House incumbents more popular

Could these be the building blocks of a “blue wave”?

Still trying to understand the wedding cake case? Here are your answers.

What comes next depends on who replaces Justice Kennedy.

Why the U.S. tax system is so complicated — but Americans are proud to pay taxes anyway

There are two reasons for the complexity and plenty more for why it’s hard to change.

The Pennsylvania special election was another great night for the Democratic Party

The margin between Lamb and Saccone is about 20 points more favorable to Lamb than the 2016 presidential election results in this district.

New poll finds increase in support for democracy — but weaker support among politically disengaged and conservatives

One specific concern throughout the past few years is whether ordinary citizens are truly committed to democracy.

New poll: Most teenagers and adults think arming teachers is dangerous, favor minimum age for buying assault rifles

58 percent of teenagers think the student rallies for gun control will lead to meaningful change.

The odds are still against a deal to legalize DACA

Hundreds of forecasters put the odds of a deal at 1-in-3.

How Democrats are dominating special elections — in one graph

Political power is cyclical.

How Democrats are dominating special elections — in one graph

Political power is cyclical.

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Out of step, out of office?

4 important takeaways from the Virginia governor’s race

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