Bannon’s ‘season of war’ on GOP establishment may backfire with first battle

A growing number of Republicans say Bannon’s continued embrace of Roy Moore could undercut his ambitions to play kingmaker in 2018.

GOP senators consider cutting individual mandate in tax reform effort

Republican senators discussed the proposal to eliminate the Obamacare individual healthcare mandate as a part of tax reform on Nov. 14.

Trump said he would strike one-on-one trade deals. That’s not happening.

‘None of the trading partners, particularly in Asia, seem to be enthused about such a prospect,’ said Wendy Cutler, a longtime U.S. trade official who now serves as vice president of the Asia Society Policy Institute.

Senior White House aide: Give Roy Moore more time to defend himself

Legislative affairs director Marc Short says Washington doesn’t know the Senate candidate as well as Alabama voters do.

Former U.S. intelligence officials: Trump being ‘played’ by Putin

The pushback comes after the president said he believed Putin was sincere when he claimed that his country did not meddle in the U.S. election.

OMB lawyer Jim Carroll emerges as likely deputy White House chief of staff

The expected move comes as Kelly continues to consolidate power in the West Wing.

Trump voter fraud commission sued by one of its own members, alleging Democrats are being kept in the dark

The panel faces at least eight other lawsuits seeking to curb its operations or make its deliberations more transparent.