Three reasons Mueller may not charge Trump with obstruction

If Mueller were seriously investigating obstruction, Rod Rosenstein should not be sitting at the table – nor should Mueller.

Rod Rosenstein must recuse himself

The deputy attorney general is a key witness to the obstruction and other allegations being investigated.

The winners and losers of the Supreme Court confirmation

Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford were both deeply wounded in this confirmation battle.

Explosive Kavanaugh hearing is moment of clarity for America

We need to address how to reform the broken nomination process after this historic drama is over.

Ford has no right to set conditions for Kavanaugh testimony

Jonathan Turley says Ford’s demand is, to put it simply, out of line – with her prior statements, and with congressional precedent.

Manafort’s plea deal – the clear winners and losers

Jonathan Turley says Donald Trump could be both a winner and a loser in this deal.

Democrats bulldozed ‘high ground’ with Kavanaugh letter

Jonathan Turley says tossing anonymous, undetailed allegations over the transom shortly before a vote is a new low.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the problem of celebrity justices

She has been a major force in breaking down the wall between the Supreme Court and politics.

Trump makes wise move to find fresh new White House counsel

The shakeup is happening at a critical time when the current investigations move into a new phase.

Manafort guilty verdicts raise chances of pardon by Trump

This obviously is not the set of crimes that special counsel Robert Mueller was appointed to pursue.

Manafort conviction will add little firepower to Mueller investigation

The allegations in this case are entirely unrelated to the purpose of the special counsel probe.

Omarosa is case of false friend dilemma with few legal options

The disclosure that former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman secretly taped President Trump and others has produced legitimate outrage. These tapes include at least one conversation with chief of staff John …

Judge in the Manafort trial is creating some big problems

T.S. Ellis III has a controversial record on full display in the case against the former campaign chairman.

If Trump meeting is illegal, then Clinton dossier is criminal too

Responding to a sweeping political tweet with a sweeping legal interpretation is neither equal nor wise.

Paul Manafort gambles against all odds at trial

The former campaign chairman is risking prison time for a very small chance of a presidential pardon.

If Cohen is telling us the truth, Trump may end up like Flynn

Michael Cohen ends his week in the news with serious claims about the Trump Tower meeting.

Michael Cohen’s Trump tape problem

“Scratch a lover, find a foe,” Dorothy Parker once warned about the perils of loves lost. The same is not supposed to be true for lawyers. Even when a relationship ends, we continue to be bound to our clients….

Ignore the spin — still no evidence of Trump collusion

The problem in the Russian investigation is that we have plenty of crimes but not necessarily plenty of colluders.

Supreme Court hands Trump predictable win on travel ban

As some of us noted from the outset of the litigation, the precedent heavily favored the president.

Comey can no longer hide destruction caused at FBI

The Justice Department inspector general report finds that he was the destructive force at the agency.