After year of investigation, Trump can rightly claim some vindication

New information shows the media was wrong to deny there was surveillance targeting his campaign.

Trump Tower transcripts show how one reckless meeting led to probe

Both campaigns were seeking dirt on the other side, but the Clinton camp was just more sophisticated.

Liberals can’t have their cake and eat it too in Supreme Court case

You either protect free speech for everyone or give the government the power to decide what is allowed.

Mueller puts politics above the law

Donald Trump finally found a federal judge to whom he could relate when it comes to the special counsel.

Rudy Giuliani sets off a firestorm

The new member of the legal team for Donald Trump is making waves defending the president.

Gravest danger to Trump lies in sleeper questions from Mueller

The president can either sit down with the special counsel or bunker down in the White House.

Comey ‘tell-all’ violates all rules of justice

The former FBI director continues to commit the very violations that led to calls for his firing.

Trump must beware the Cohen trap

The president could ultimately pardon his lawyer, while the special counsel could give him a deal.

When will the media accept that Trump is not a criminal target?

In terminal medical cases, doctors often deal with patients who move through “stages” that begin with denial. These so-called Kübler-Ross stages can be a long road toward acceptance. A weird form of Kübler-Ross seem…

Does President Trump need to tell the truth about Stormy Daniels?

The greatest danger of this scandal will come from how the president chooses to react to it.

Why Trump should take Mueller’s deal to sit down for an interview

The president has strong defenses in the four areas the special counsel reportedly wants to discuss.

McCabe just made life tough for Comey and the special counsel

The fired FBI deputy director is lashing out and posing problems for James Comey and Robert Mueller.

Trump drew a red line for Mueller; Mueller just crossed it

Now that Robert Mueller has sent a subpoena flying over President Trump’s red line, the stakes could not be higher.

Trump offers to meet with Mueller, but is it too late for damage control?

The real danger of a scandal is not the discovery of the primary cancer but the risk of metastasis.

If Andrew McCabe lied, could he be charged like Michael Flynn?

Andrew McCabe may have misled investigators about a leak to the media on the Clinton investigation.

Mueller makes reckless move with seizure of Trump transition emails

He could have simply sought judicial review of the material, but again elected the blunt tool over the surgical device.

OPINION: If Rod Rosenstein recuses himself, Robert Mueller may be next

OPINION| Like invading Russia in winter, it appears that participating in the Russian investigation is a prospect fraught with peril for those on the front lines.

OPINION: The damaging case against James Comey

OPINION | President Trump was able to bait the former FBI director into diminishing his own credibility.

The Comey memo offers no proof for impeachment of Trump

OPINION | We need to move beyond the hyperventilated pronouncements of criminal conduct or impeachable offenses based on this memo.

Opinion: Ginsburg gambled to stay and now she may lose her legacy

OPINION | Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg ignored calls for her retirement during the Obama administration. The decision may haunt her and the Democratic Party.